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The beauty of science

by moladda about a month ago in vintage
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I originally studied science and first studied chemistry. I did not learn badly, I understand all the things the teacher said. Chemistry is not enough to understand, but also to do experiments, and I can not do experiments. With the pipette to move liquid, others are using rubber balls to suck liquid, I always use the mouth to suck - I know that the pipette can not be sucked with the mouth, but the rubber ball often can not find - suck other okay, once I actually went to suck concentrated ammonia, as if sucked into the old can of urine. After that, I lost my voice for half a month. When I did my thesis, I did an extraction experiment, and the flask contained a large bottle of chloroform, which was boiling and should not have run out, but my device was leaking, and it leaked all in a while. When it leaked, I went to get a new one, and the new one leaked again. In one week I leaked five bottles of chloroform, and at least half of what I leaked was sucked in. This stuff is a kind of narcotic, I sucked in enough chloroform to drunkenly kill ten pythons. Strange to say, I actually stood still, just a little dazed. In this case, I also made the experiment, proving that I did quite well in chemistry class. But my teacher and classmates agreed that I was not fit to do chemistry. This was especially true of the students I was experimenting with in the same lab, who also inhaled some chloroform, nowhere near as much as I did, and complained of dizziness. They also called me the enemy of the people in the lab. I thought the same thing myself: if I continued to do chemistry, it wouldn't matter if I poisoned myself, but it would be bad if I poisoned my colleagues. I was always attracted to this science: there were many girls studying chemistry, and many of them were beautiful.

Then I went to study mathematics, in this area I have a lot of talent. Whether it is number crunching, or formula derivation, I am as fast as lightning, but the results are not always right. People say that I do math problems like the little Japanese crazy: my generation saw a lot of Japanese on the screen, these people always wear a combat cap, with bayonets do not know how to charge, people say that I do math problems is such a look. Few girls study math and look average. But learning this science I can not harm others, so I also like. There was a test, I look at the test questions, think it is very easy, like the wind to do the same to leave. When the score came out, I actually got the lowest score in the class. I found the teacher and asked, it turns out that the test questions are divided into two parts, half in the front of the test paper, I saw and did. The other half was on the reverse side, which I didn't see at all. I hurriedly looked at the questions I hadn't done and said, "I know how to do all these questions. The teacher said, "I know you can, but I can't give marks for not doing it. He also said something like "I just want to fix you, this ass-eye big dropped the heart of the people". This is nonsense. No one can be so big as this. If you learn a subject to the extent that you are going to be screwed, you might as well not learn it.

I am now neither a chemist, nor a mathematician, nor a physicist. I write articles for a living, and I'm not involved in science and technology - I just sometimes fiddle with computers. I know a lot of things in this business, from the lowest assembly language to the latest C++, and I have some hardware knowledge. But in my own interest, I might as well not know anything at all, and save myself the trouble of staying up all night, tinkering with my computer, deleting things, and eventually bringing the whole system down, with no software backup on hand. So, at five o'clock in the morning, I was pacing around in front of my friend's house, smoking a cigarette. The early morning cleaners thought I had fallen out of love, that there was my lost lover living in this door, and that I was performing a lost soul to show her. In fact, it is not, the computer died, I can not do anything, not to mention sleep. It was so easy to wait until the dawn, I rushed in and borrowed software from him to restore the system. --I'm not related to science, but I love science, even more than real scientists.

As Mr. Russell said, in recent times, science has established an authority of reason - an authority unlike any other before. The reasoning of science is different from "the husband said", and different from the red-headed document. Scientists do not need to be believed by virtue of who they are to publish their results. You can take a pen, a piece of paper, or prepare a few simple experimental equipment, you can immediately verify the conclusions of others. Of course, this was a hundred years ago. Verifying the latest scientific results is much more problematic, but this principle has not changed at all. Science is completely different from other human endeavors; it is an egalitarian endeavor. There is a reason why true science was not born in China. This is because equality is not in the Chinese cultural tradition: from Confucius and Mencius to the present day, all that has been said is that the inferior and the inferior are in order. It was said above that you can make steel by taking a briquette stove. Do you dare to say that you want to do an experiment to verify it? You dare not. If you make something like cow shit, you have to close your eyes and say it is good steel. Under this framework, there can be no science at all.

The beauty of science is also that it is a free enterprise. It is a bit like one of its products, the Internet - no one wanted to build such a global computer network, everyone just connected their own networks, and unknowingly created it. Science is the same way, people around the world contributed their inventions to science, and it was born. This is the essence of science. There is another thing that was born in the same way, and that is the market economy. The way to do business, you invent some, I invent some, and slowly form the present thing, you see it is not good, but it is still irreplaceable. A business that develops freely is always much more powerful than what an individual can come up with. It is fascinating to be involved in a free enterprise, like being a free person. Of course, this is getting off topic. Nowadays, we always hear people say that there should be a so-and-so science, or that we should create a so-and-so science with a national style, as if a real science will emerge from the frame he draws after such a plan and appeal. The old hen cries for a while, makes a red face, and then lays an egg, but science does not come out that way. People can be emotional and vain. Science has none of these faults, and it does not respond to them. The most important thing is: science is itself and is not under anyone's jurisdiction.

I have taken great pains to elaborate on the benefits of science, but of course I cannot be comprehensive. In fact, the most important thing I want to say is: science is an enterprise created by man, but it is more beautiful than man himself. My teacher said that science is something foreign to the Chinese people, so we have had all kinds of misunderstandings about it: at first we were frightened of it as a flooding beast, then we understood it as witchcraft, and then we saw it as a religion and fell in front of it. He said that these understandings are not correct, and that science is a continuous learning process. My teacher was right. All I can add is this: in addition to learning what science already has, learn all of its qualities that we don't have. I don't study science anymore, but I am always learning these qualities. That is to say, man must love equality and freedom, and of all the endeavors that man has started, science has been the most successful because it has these two things as its foundation. For an individual, without these two things, not only can we not talk about achievement, but we will live like a pig. There is only one thing more important than that, and that is to love wisdom. Whether it is an individual or a nation, being wise has a future, being a fool is definitely bad luck. About a year or so ago, I wrote a small article on this subject, arguing that it is better to love wisdom than to be a fool. A gentleman came up and scolded me for being unpatriotic - for no good reason! I'm just arguing, I'm not forcing you to be a wise person. You can be a fool if you like, you have the right.


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