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The American Silver Eagle quickly soared in popularity worldwide from its initial release. Across the globe, investors in official government-issued investment grade silver bullion coins choose the American Eagle first. This remarkably striking coin is also a must-have among collectors of fine silver coins. The design is one of the most stunning ever produced. Even more memorable than its beauty, is the bold, courageous story the design displays.


The American Silver Eagle is much more than just another silver coin. It tells the illustrious story of our proud nation. The Walking Liberty design featured on the obverse was originally displayed on the Liberty Half Dollar (1916-1947), designed by Adolph A. Weinman.

Recognized worldwide as one of the most stunning designs in bullion coins, Lady Liberty gracefully, yet proudly represents freedom. She steps into a bright future, draped with a flowing U.S. flag. She looks toward the rising sun and recalls that this freedom was won at a great cost. In her left arm she cradles branches of oak and laurel. These are symbols of the glory of her people, their strength, and unstoppable resolve. Also, Lady Liberty extends her right hand in peace unto the nations of the world.


On the reverse, John Mercanti’s design boldly displays the strength and unity of the United States. John Mercanti, the U.S. Mint’s twelfth Chief Engraver, designed the image in 1986 for the inaugural American Silver Eagle release. Although quite similar to the Great Seal of the United States, Mercanti applied his own unique touch.

Ready to defend all that Lady Liberty represents, the heraldic eagle displays a magnificent symbol of our national strength. With wings fully outstretched, the eagle clutches an olive branch in its right talon, and arrows in its left. The olive branch of peace speaks to us of the great and prolonged struggle that won and established our freedom. The arrows serve as an ever-present reminder of the tremendous cost that finally secured our liberty. They also warn any who may threaten this peace that we stand ready to defend it.

Prominently displayed over the eagle’s breast rests a brilliant shield of defense. Also, a banner streams from its sharp beak proclaiming “E pluribus Unum” (Out of many, one). This forms the basis of our strength as a nation. Our many and varied people must stand united as one to prosper in liberty, peace, and opportunity. The 13 five-pointed stars positioned above the eagle, represent the original Thirteen Colonies’ desire to live free of tyranny. The American Silver Eagle – A Story for Every Generation!


The Congressional Bill authorizing the selling of excess silver from the Defense National Stockpile went through years of different incarnations. Finally, on June 21, 1985, the Senate proposed a bill that the House swiftly approved just three days later. On July 9, 1985, President Reagan signed Title II of Public Law 99-61 (Liberty Coin Act). Then, the first American Silver Eagle coin made headline news as it was struck in San Francisco on October 29, 1986.

The basis of precious metals investment begins with the inherent value of the metal itself. Although the metal is Market-driven, the premium above that base is affected by several factors. The overall popularity of the specific coin or series greatly affects that premium. The American Silver Eagle’s global popularity is well deserved. The historical performance and stability as an investment provides somewhat of a hedge against inflation. Not only is its performance attractive, the story the coin’s design beautifully presents promotes its strength in the global marketplace.


The standard brilliant uncirculated (BU) American Silver Eagle coins are not sold directly to the public. The Congressional Bill authorized the production and selling of official U.S. silver bullion coins. It also specified the method of their sell and their distribution. The US Mint sells these coins to a network of “authorized purchasers.” These are large, well-established and carefully-vetted dealers and distributors. This ensures the most effective and efficient distribution of the coins, as well as maximum on-going availability. And then these large-scale purchasers sell and distribute the coins to smaller distributors that supply local and online dealers. And like BOLD Precious Metals, these provide for and service the Public demand.


Each American Silver Eagle coin contains one Troy ounce of .999 fine silver in BU condition. With the purity and weight backed by the U.S. Government, you can be assured that your coins are top quality. American Silver Eagles are also one of the most liquid government-issued bullion coins in the world. Historically, they have retained their value better than other government bullion coins.


And, as we at BOLD are well-known for reminding our customers, “Don’t forget to include your children.” What better way to teach them about real money and the liberty, peace, and opportunity this nation affords? Recount to them the story depicted on the American Silver Eagle. As you explain each detail, let them hold the coin that restarted the production and distribution of U.S. silver bullion coinage. Start the conversations that will continue to multiply for generations to come!

BOLD is dedicated to providing the best selection of bullion coins at the lowest possible prices to each customer. Our driving passion is to bring quality, value, and courtesy in servicing each order.

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