Ten Best Way To Make Notes In The Process Of Dissertation Writing

The Process Of Dissertation Writing

Ten Best Way To Make Notes In The Process Of Dissertation Writing

While writing a dissertation, students often get stuck in a particular chapter. They start to wonder about a piece of particular information they read while researching the topic of their dissertation. They want to use that information however they are unable to remember it. In such a situation, students start going through the process of research again, trying to find the lost information they are looking for. When they can’t find it, they feel distressed. They feel like they are not doing a proper job. Instead, they seek help from others. Though using services, especially of British dissertation writing, is a useful and safe option. However, most students fail to understand the root cause of this problem, which is not noting down utilizable information.

Yes, we are talking about the phenomenon of note-taking. Most students are not even aware of the importance of note-taking while writing a dissertation. Especially while researching the topic, taking notes is essential to your dissertation and saves a lot of time. In this article, we would discuss the top ways you can take notes while in the process of dissertation writing.

1. Start the process

When you are doing the hefty task of writing a dissertation, you must make sure that you do proper research. Research is everything for your dissertation. Your dissertation is predicated on the amount of good research that you have done. However, it is one thing to research regarding your topic, but another to include it in your dissertation. Start the process of your dissertation early.

2. Use a journal or a notepad

You don’t include every piece of information in your dissertation. You use some of it while you keep the rest for later or discard it. While researching, you must keep a journal or a notepad. Yes, you have guessed it right, it is to take notes. While researching, you may come across useful information or quotes that you might integrate into your dissertation later. Noting better in your journal is advisable if you want to enhance the integrity of your paper.

3. Don’t write everything

While researching your topic, it is important that you don’t write everything. Your area of focus may be diverse or general, but your topic probably won’t be. Your topic will be a precise part of your area of focus. If you are researching it, you have to make sure that you don’t include everything in your journal. Keep it short and useful.

4. Use every source

Your dissertation should include scholarly literature. Since you are living in an internet world, most of your sources will be of online. However, never underestimate the importance of hardcover books. Keep your sources diverse. Include online and book sources in your dissertation.

5. Highlight Important information

While reading information from a book, highlight only the important and relevant information. You have to note down information that is relevant to your topic and exclude information that is too general. It will save you time and you would be only exposed to information useful for your dissertation and its topic.

6. Don’t plagiarize

Plagiarism is the nemesis of every student that is working on a dissertation. When you are in the process of taking notes, you need to be careful of plagiarism. Don’t write word for word, and if you do, make sure you mention it or reference it in your dissertation. As a student, you need to avoid plagiarism at all costs.

7. Note down quotes

You should include quotes and references to various scholars. During the process of your research, if you come about a quote of a scholar that is relevant to the topic of your dissertation, note it down in your journal. Include relevant and useful quotes of scholars in your dissertation and enhance the credibility. While writing your dissertation, keep your note journal by your side and refer to it whenever necessary.

8. Include only scholarly material

It is absolutely crucial for your dissertation and its success that you use authentic and credible academic literature. Using outdated academic articles will only jeopardize your dissertation, and put a bad rep on you as an academic. Even when taking notes, make sure that you are writing down information that is not only useful but also comes from a place of authentic academia.

9. Keep it Organized

Another important thing to keep in mind while writing down notes is to keep it organized. Your note journal needs to be clean and organized. It shouldn’t portray a messy picture. Otherwise, it won’t be helpful for you. You can divide your notes into categories based on your dissertation chapters.

10. Refer to your note journal

Lastly, keep your note journal by your side and refer to it while writing your dissertation. Include relevant information from your note journal and enhance your dissertation. If you are still unsure of your dissertation, you can get expert help at British dissertation writing. They have dissertation experts that can provide useful insights.

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