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Teasing Victim Owns School.

Don`t Judge The Book By Its Cover...

By wispo uganjaPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
Teasing Victim Owns School.
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Tommy had always been an outcast at school. The other students would make fun of his clothes, his haircut, and his quiet nature. It seemed like every day there was a new joke at his expense, and he would often come home from school in tears.

Despite this, Tommy was a bright boy. He loved to read and write, and he was always top of his class. He knew that someday he would make something of himself, but for now, he just had to endure the taunts and the teasing.

One day, however, things changed. The school principal announced that the owner of the school would be visiting to speak to the students. There was a buzz of excitement in the air as the students speculated about who the owner might be.

When the day arrived, everyone gathered in the school auditorium to hear the owner speak. Tommy sat in the back, as usual, trying to avoid attention. But as the owner stepped onto the stage, Tommy's heart skipped a beat.

It was his father.

Tommy's father had always been a busy man. He worked long hours and traveled frequently, so Tommy didn't get to spend much time with him. But he loved his father deeply, and he was filled with pride to see him up on stage.

As his father began to speak, Tommy listened intently. He spoke about his own struggles as a young man, how he had grown up poor and had to work hard to make something of himself. He talked about the importance of education and the power of perseverance.

Tommy felt his eyes welling up with tears. He knew his father had worked hard to build this school, and he felt a surge of pride that it bore his family name.

When the speech was over, the students applauded politely, and then filed out of the auditorium. Tommy hung back, waiting for his father. When the other students were gone, he made his way up to the stage.

His father was packing up his notes, but when he saw Tommy, he smiled warmly.

"Hey there, champ," he said. "What did you think of the speech?"

Tommy couldn't speak. He was too overwhelmed with emotion. But his father seemed to understand. He put an arm around Tommy's shoulders and guided him off the stage.

As they walked through the empty corridors of the school, Tommy's father told him about how proud he was of him. He spoke about how he had always known that Tommy was special, and how he was glad that he was doing well in school.

Tommy felt like he was walking on air. For the first time in his life, he felt like he belonged somewhere. And it wasn't just because his father owned the school. It was because he knew that his father believed in him.

As they reached the entrance to the school, Tommy's father stopped and turned to him.

"Tommy," he said, "I know that things haven't always been easy for you here. But I want you to know that you're not alone. You have a family who loves you, and you have a whole school of students who respect you. You're a good kid, Tommy, and don't you ever forget it."

Tommy felt like his heart was going to burst with happiness. He hugged his father tightly, and then ran off to find his friends. As he walked through the halls, he felt like a different person. He felt like he could take on the world.

And from that day on, things did change. The other students started to treat Tommy differently. They saw him as a person, not just as the quiet kid in the back of the class. They began to appreciate his intelligence and his kindness, and they started to include him in their activities.

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