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Teachee Alternative: Online Teaching App for Teachers — Pesofts

by pesofts pess 10 months ago in teacher
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Today’s article is all about why Pesofts can be the best alternative for Teachee.

Recently, China created a significant overhaul of its education system by banning businesses that engage in the teaching school curriculum as well as providing software to help facilitate the school curriculum.

This was achieved by incorporating two rules that prohibited companies from accepting investments from overseas and receiving capital from companies that were registered offshore.

The implementation of these stringent laws and regulations led to the closing of several businesses that provided the Online Exam Softwarethat was promoting online education. One of these company was also in India which suffered a major loss, leading to the company’s closure.

The closing of Teachee has placed approximately 3000 institutions of higher education in a predicament that, in addition to disrupting the process of continuing education, are also forced to seek alternatives.

While the software these institutes depended on was no longer in use however, there are a number of software companies to conduct online tests or online tests that could serve as a substitute for software with features that stand out.

One among them is Pesofts. With its top-quality services for online tests along with the online software for classrooms over time Pesofts has proven to be the ideal choice for institutions that want to offer courses and evaluate students online.

Today’s article is all about why Pesofts can be the best alternative for Teachee.

Why Is Pesofts The Best Software Provider For Online Exam and Online Classes

Secured: The data you save with our software are secure from any untrue and unauthorised hacker. We use SSL certificates on all of our software to ensure that access to our products only by authentic users with permission to use the software.

Responsive: Teachers, and students, don’t have to make arrangements for specific devices since our software works perfectly with any device and any compatible platform (both iOS and android)

User-Friendly: Imagine a scenario where your students and teachers will not be familiar with the latest software that you have put in place for classes online and tests because of the technical complexity of your software?

This could cause a strain to your financial budget but can also harm teachers and students’ well-being. To stop this from happening it is important to know that our programs are simple to use. We make sure that all of the features we offer are easily visible, so that they can be utilized for the purpose they were designed for.

For Sale At Affordable Prices: Cost is among the most vital aspects each educational institution should take into consideration when buying software for online learning in order to keep up with the latest teaching methods.

With this in mind that in mind, Peosft’s exam software online and online classroom software are offered at a reasonable cost. Our products are offered at an affordable price and include the exact features required to use the online teaching apps and Assessment Platform .

24-hour Technical Support: Have you got stuck while trying to use Pesofts software? You can reach us at any time. We at Pesofts we have a team of experts who are able to solve all of our clients technical issues quickly. We know the pain any educational institution could suffer when their online software and teaching is not working. Therefore, we strive to help make life for our customers simple by offering 24/7 technical assistance.

Scalable: With the software we offer, you won’t need to be concerned about your limit. Our software’s capacity to scale for online tests and online learning permits teachers to not restrict their classes to a specific amount of students at any given time. With our software, which is designed for classrooms that are online there is no limit to the number of students who are in the class at any given time. Teachers can be in the classroom all hours of the day without interruption.

This is the case with online exam software and when students are taking online assessments simultaneously, the software will not fail to crash. At a certain point the software allows unlimited students to simultaneously take the exam.

The Features Of Pesoft’s Online Exam Software That Make Pesofts Class Different

These are the key features of Pesofts Online Exam Software which makes it the best choice over other exam software providers:

All Types of Questions: When assessing students online teachers don’t have limit themselves to asking specific types or style of question.

Pesoft’s exam software online gives students the freedom to include any type of questions to the exam online, ranging from MCQs that are based on formulas, images, and more. Teachers can also create long answer questions that they can examine on their own as the software analyzes MCQ-based questions.

Live Online Also As Proctoring Recorded: We are committed to keeping the integrity of exams and maintaining the trust associated with exam results. Our software comes with the most effective proctoring tool that is based on artificial intelligence that tracks students’ actions as an invigilator while they take the test.

Proctoring live on the internet and online recording of proctoring offered to proctor exams ensure that students are not taking any action that is strictly forbidden by the exam authority.

Automatically Detailled Results: After students pass their test The teachers aren’t the ones that have to determine the score of their students However, software is required to do.

The software, in addition to preparing the results, the program also allows for the publishing of comprehensive reports after analyzing the different aspects of an individual’s performance. These reports are valuable and play an important contribution to improving a pupil’s performance overall.

The Features of Pesoft’s Assessment Online Software that are what set Pesofts class stand out

Live online classes: Participating in classes and giving them with Pesoft’s online exam-based application does not cause students or teachers to skip classes that are not in the classroom. Live classes on our online platform provide interaction that is similar with offline classroom learning. Teachers and students are able to communicate exactly the way they do in traditional classes. This is all possible thanks to the audio and video features in online classes. It helps during live classes.

Record Class Online Live: Students not only will be able to communicate with their teachers in the same way as in offline classrooms, however the option of recording classes can assist students to revise the lecture anytime they wish to.

Teachers can share documents Anytime, Anywhere: Instructors can set homework to their students as and share any document they wish to share with students using the online teaching application. Access to relevant course materials through the teaching app allows students to access the study materials anytime any time, and anywhere. This makes it unnecessary to carry books around everywhere.

The Faculty Controls: Discipline to ensure that everyone is on the same page is vital for offline and online classes. To help teachers keep the same standard, our online classroom software allows teachers to have the necessary control for classroom discipline.

Automatically tracks student’s activities in the classroom: Students are intelligent enough to sign up for classes before teachers attend online classes. Therefore, the software monitors the activities of students during online classes in order to prevent students from engaging with this type of kind of activity. Based on the time students entering the class and leaving software generates reports that aid teachers to decide about whether the attendance of students should be allocated to students in the particular class or not.


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