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Studying abroad in spite of the epidemic

International Students

By Flagler DanzigPublished 5 months ago 11 min read
Studying abroad in spite of the epidemic
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Because of the outbreak of the epidemic in the United States and the resulting war of words between China and the United States, many families who had made up their minds to go to the United States were inevitably a little shaken.

I would like to talk about my views from several aspects. Of course, it is a bit inappropriate for me to write such an article because I am in the business of studying in the U.S., so it is easy for people to misunderstand what is going on, so I would like to take my views as a reference. What's more, any choice is bound to have advantages and disadvantages, depending on what you want most.


First of all, why do you want to send your child to college in the United States? I believe many parents have not thought about this question very seriously, and many families are blindly following the trend, and some parents even think, "All the children around me are going to study in America, I always feel sorry for my children if I don't send them out.

Of course, some parents are more mature about this issue, and they have countless reasons to motivate them to send their children to college in the U.S., including advanced cultural technology, interdisciplinary learning, humanities foundation development, literacy speaking skills improvement, critical thinking skills development, and so on.

I won't go into these reasons today; they all have merit.

However, in my opinion, a very simple reason why we send our children to study in the United States is: American universities are not good.

02 American universities are not a good mix, I believe we all agree. Whether you are going to the Ivy League or 50-80 university, you do not lose a layer of skin, it is estimated that wanting to successfully graduate is more difficult, even if there are individual universities that are relatively easy to learn, but that is only relative.

Do not think that I went to the 80th university, I play a little smart, mix a mix can graduate, not so. Looking at the official 6-year graduation rate of universities, the graduation rate of the 50th to 100th universities is lower than Harvard.

Since college is not a good mix, you have to put those 4 years to good use, riveting learning, which for young people, there is nothing better than that.

The importance of 4 years of college to a person's life, I do not need to say much. In high school, because of the pressure of going to college, you have to learn the subjects you don't like, for example, I put a lot of time and effort into learning math, which I was very bad at. But when you get to the college level, you can learn according to your interests, these 4 years, is a great time to further explore this interest, and, most likely, this interest is your future career direction.

If you can use the 4 years of college to hang your head in your field of interest, I believe that when you go to work, you are already a small expert in this field.

International Students

I have a student who went to a university in the United States last year to study computer science, I said to him at the time of parting, computer so profound things I can not understand, but I think you have to learn the basics of computer science in these four years, a very important thing is to find an entry point, spend some effort to study, is in the computer so huge system, find an interested in the future want to make a living from this The point that you want to make a living from, and study it in depth. I mean, because college is not a good mix, invariably forcing you to work hard in a field of study in the past four years. From the age of 18 to 22, this is how valuable the age of learning ah, if these 4 years, really can be forced by the school you go forward, even if the process is more painful and more tiring, but after walking you will find that these 4 years to bring you gains and growth is your life's first bucket of gold, is your bones and blood, for your life to provide a lifetime of nutrition.

If the world, there are two universities, A University is very well-known, such as the Ivy League or Qingbei bar, but it is easy to mix easy to graduate (just to make a metaphor oh), and B University is very small popularity, but the pressure of learning, the teacher caught very tight, you have to let me choose, I will choose B, and give up the false name of A. Because, what I need is these 4 years, real learning something.

03 brand is very important, but if there is no real talent to support the brand, one day it will be bad. When the tide goes out, people will see that you are swimming naked. For example, President Te, there is his capable side, but his character and business can be, but engage in politics and business can be the same thing? China and the United States trade negotiations, out of the back, you want to do a small business, you can say that you are negotiating skills, but up to the national level to see, you always engage in this kind of carved small skills, it lacks a little bit country style. This epidemic, I will not say so much, say more people will shoot bricks, a lot of his character flaws are exposed, you see for yourselves, before and after, how many times to speak contradictory words. His fluke at the beginning is at least one of the reasons for the concentrated outbreak of the epidemic in the United States, I will not say that it is the main reason. The problem came and is eager to dump the pot, and yesterday said not to give the WHO dues, oops, I just do not want to say anything, what time is this, you do not properly grasp the fight against the epidemic, but still thinking about their re-election.

Some time ago withheld the masks into Canada, and now because of the eagerness to resume work with Canada said we reopen the border, but also did not forget to add two sentences our two countries have been very friendly, small potatoes directly said: Sorry, we do not want to open for the time being.

For him, this epidemic is a test after the tide has receded, and in my opinion, he failed the test.

I think I digress, summarize it, is the age of 18 to 22 years old, where you can learn more, and where you go. Don't pull anything else, I've been stubborn all my life, and compared to anything, nothing is more real than the knowledge smashed in your head and gives you more confidence to face the future.

I think there is another important reason why you should send your children to the United States, to enrich their life experience. It is not that your life experience is not richer if you go to college in China, but after all, it is still the same culture. If you have the conditions, what is wrong with letting your child experience a completely different culture, so that his life is sharper and more complete? During his four years in college, he is not only acculturated by the American culture, but more importantly, he spends time with peers of different races and different cultural backgrounds from all over the world on one campus. In such a multicultural context, his original three views will be impacted differently every day. These impacts will force him to look at a matter from a broader perspective, and he slowly learns to understand, respect, and tolerate those differences that are even seriously opposed to him.

He will slowly become rational and less radical, and he will slowly learn to put himself in the shoes of others to see things, the world in his eyes, not just black and white these two colors.

Not to mention some university courses, but also systematically develop this piece of ability. You look at Harvard University Professor Sand's justice class, which speaks of a trolley puzzle, because of space constraints I will not talk so much, you can search for yourself this video, anyway, I watched with great interest, and more importantly, my brain is wide open.

Our mindset was that a simple problem ended up being no answer. But no answer is not important, the important thing is that we learn in the process, from a perspective to think about a seemingly ordinary problem. There are many manifestations of a person's high emotional intelligence, but there should be at least one: not to be radical. A point of view is very radical, a person is very radical as a person, are very difficult for me to accept. The world is not distinguished by black and white, and a person cannot be divided only by good and bad. A person with high emotional intelligence must be able to see and deal with a matter from multiple perspectives, and in this regard, I think American universities teach students more.

The Fang Fang diary is now said to be a tool for tearing up the circle of friends. I still think it's important to look at Fang's diary in a comprehensive and dialectical way. Some people in my friend group asked me by name to stand in line, and I said I don't stand in line, I want to stand in line, I think my IQ will go to zero. Of course, this is another topic, but it is certain that some of the articles I read asking, about many radical views and behaviors that have gone against the bottom line.

05 Of course, many people are worried about the direction of US-China relations, for example, whether the epidemic will be out of control, whether US-China relations will get worse, or even, whether it will be unsafe for children to study in the US.

If we don't have this confidence, it is meaningless to talk about whether our children will go to college in the U.S. The house is burning to the ground and you are still worried about whether the hens in the house are laying eggs today, is this appropriate? Now that the epidemic is under control, will this cast a shadow over the U.S.-China relationship, or even affect the safety of our children in the U.S.?

The future of U.S.-China relations is a very big topic that I am not an expert on and cannot predict, but there is at least one thing: the possibility of an all-out war between the U.S. and China is almost non-existent.

After World War II, the U.S. fought small countries, and even these small countries made the Americans suffer a lot, so they are only getting more and more cautious about starting a war. What's more, for a big country like China, it l not rashly start a war, last century, and the oldest Soviet Union, but also just plaplaye Cold War, although local areas are very tense, such as the Cuban missile crisis, but full-scale hot war has not been opened.

The United States can not understand, now and China China's military conflict, a full-scale conflict, will what price. When we were first established, we were poor, and we fought hard with the U.S. in North Korea, but we finally got the Americans to back off. Now almost 70 years have passed, China and s economic and military strength than then can not be compared to the same day, you now are on our doorstep to fight, but you may not be able to win. This will not be expanded.

Even if we start a fight, the Americans will not be able to take advantage of the foreign students, and they have so many of them here. There was indeed some radical rhetoric against Muslims after 9/11, but there was no major movement on American soil to reject Muslims because the vast majority of Americans know very well that radical Islamists are a minority. It seems that in all these years, there has been no radical movement against a specific race that has broken out in the United States. Therefore, the odds are that your children are safe in the United States. You do see some racist behavior against Chinese people on the Internet, but this is after all a rare phenomenon compared to 300 million Americans, and the bigotry of individuals does not represent the mainstream attitude of American society. A person's youth needs to be refined, to be frustrated, to fail, and to be stimulated by the full range of information brought to him by an unfamiliar environment, and to thrive on that basis. I believe that nothing is more precious to a child than growing up, and I believe that most of a child's growth happens in places that are invisible to his parents.

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