Study MBBS Abroad In Russia 2020-21

Study MBBS Abroad In Russia

Study MBBS Abroad In Russia 2020-21

Pursuing medical education from Russia is the golden opportunity for Indian medical students. According to WHO listings, Russian medical universities are being listed in topmost ranking taking approximately 30 positions. Russian medical universities have significantly low-cost fees. Doing MBBS in Russia is quite affordable as compared to other countries. There are around 60 medical universities in Russia, which are being registered in the list of MCI. Every year there is a demand of best medical colleges in Russia. If you are willing to pursue MBBS in Russia you can find out the list of low fee university on our website. If you have a low budget, you can surely get your whole medical education from Russia which is of about 6 years.

If you have scored low in your NEET examination and you are unable to get admission in MBBS in India, then you have a great opportunity to get your medical education from a good and reputed university of MBBS abroad, you can fulfil your dreams of becoming a doctor. we provide you with the best educational counselling and will guide you about all the guidelines regard pursuing MBBS in a different country like in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and More. We have been providing the best educational counselling for the last few years, and we have successfully sent many students to Study MBBS Abroad In Russia.

It has been observed that every year a large number of Indian medical aspirants take admission in Top MedicalUniversities In Russia. Furthermore, it has become one of the most popular destinations for opting higher studies in the field of medicine among Indian students. Additionally, there is an enthusiastic Indian Community present in Russia, so it is also considered a very safe country for Indians. Russia is the place that will make your dreams come true for English medium of MBBS Education. India and Russia have a very friendly relation and share their strong cultural and economic connections.

The study of Indian students at Russian MBBS universities is supported financially by the Russian government by 50% that is why that cost of studying MBBS is very low there, Low-Cost MBBS In Russia. So there is no kind of separate scholarships or grants available to the students from any individual medical universities. The students pay only for their mentioned tuition fees which are 50% of the actual cost of medical education. Also, the Russian government offers such a suitable environment for the thousands of international students to get qualified MBBS degree at Russia Medical College at a very appropriate price.

Approximately all the medical universities in Russia are government universities and are approved by Medical Council of India and WHO. StudyMBBS in Russia For Indian Students 2020-21 so, in case a student thinks of returning and practising in India, they have to qualify test (FMGE) to practice in India which is commonly known as the MCI screening test conducted by MCI itself. The professors of the Russians medical instructors are well aware of the syllabus of MCI and the exam patterns which puts them in a convenient position to simultaneously teach the Indian students for the MCI screening test accordingly.

The admission process is very easy going and effortless. You only need to submit the documents of your qualifications. Then the student has to be present for all the registration processes for about one and a half months and will get guaranteed admission in Russia for MBBS. You have to keep only one thing in your mind about the date and timing of application and have to decide accordingly so that you won’t run out of the due date of applying.

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