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Starting a studygram is one of the best things I have done in my college career. I will discuss why I started my studygram and why all students should be involved in studygramming.

By Tresa Published 6 years ago 5 min read
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Studygram, a clever portmanteau of "study" and "Instagram," in its simplest form is a study motivation page. Studygrammers share pictures of their notes and study spaces to inspire students around to the world. If you are scrolling on Instagram, when you should be studying for that test next week, a sudden studygram post could motivate you to get off the phone and go study!

A snippet of my studygram @tresasnotebook

The world of studygramming is an excellent way to pick up good study habits and new note-taking skills — students inspiring and motivating students. Some studygrammers share posts about keeping an organized study space where other studygrammers share posts on how to take clean and organized notes. A very popular type of studygram post, one that I love to do, is note-taking time lapses! There is something inspiring and satisfying about these time-lapses that make you want to get up, go to your desk, and rewrite your notes.

I started my studygram, @tresasnotebook, on December 23, 2017. Today, I have over 12k followers. My posts have been shared by various companies such as Whitelines Notebooks, the god of notebooks in the studygram community. The studygram community is very welcoming and encouraging! Beyond studygrammers motivating their followers, studygrammers are often motivating each other: sharing different styles, pieces of advice on making note headers, encouraging words in the comments, etc.

Studygramming is criticized sometimes for being "pretty notes." But who said that's a bad thing? When you go back to study your notes before an exam, isn't it easier and less stressful if they are neat and organized instead of haphazardous and messy? You can still have amazing notes without having gold brush calligraphy headers and impeccably perfect handwriting. The best thing about studygramming is that everyone has a different style and none of them are worse or better than others; there is no wrong way to studygramming.

In this article, I would like to address a few important points. First, I will discuss what studygramming has done for me. Also, I will discuss some of the questions and concerns studygrammers-to-be might have that I also had at one point. Lastly, I will discuss why I encourage all students to participate in the studygram community.

Why I Started a Studygram and What It Has Done for Me:

I started my studygram during the winter break of my sophomore year of college; I study Biomedical Engineering at the University of Rochester. I have always been a motivated and organized student. I was (and still am) that girl that has a plethora of highlighters and markers on her desk during a lecture. My notes have always been freakishly color coordinated, deeply annotated, and meticulously organized. This has always paid off for me since I have been a Dean's List student all through college.

My most popular post on @tresasnotebook

I started my studygram because I wanted to motivate other students to study and become excellent note-takers. I also wanted to expand my horizon and exchange thoughts and note-taking and study techniques with other studygrammers. It never hurts to have an open-mind and integrate new techniques into your routine.

Since I have started my studygram I have found myself even more motivated than before, but also motivated in a different way. Students will leave comments on your post admiring your work which is incredibly relieving and motivating. Running a studygram has also improved my time management and accountability.

I am very grateful for all of my followers and the friends I have made through running my studygram. Mostly all studygrammers are college students who understand the stresses and struggles you are going through. It is a very motivating and comforting experience.

Common Questions and Concerns:

Some people might worry that growing a following that relies on your posts may become stressful and overwhelming at times. This was also a worry of mine before I started. The thing to remember is, you run the page, you run the content, and if you need a break, you are entitled to that break. Remember, your followers are most likely all students, and if you explain that you will be less active on your account next week because of a huge upcoming exam, chances are they will be understanding and empathetic.

Another common concern is that you will not gain followers and your account could fail. I had this same worry before I opened my account until I realized that there really is no way to fail at studygramming! Since there is no one right way to run a studygram, you can post what you like and you will gain the followers that enjoy the same things you do. You probably will not jump from 100 followers to 10,000 followers overnight from one post. You do have to put work and effort into your account to grow it, and that work is always seen and appreciated by your followers.

Why I Recommend Students Getting Involved in Studygramming:

  1. Support: The studygram community is extremely supportive and understanding. It is a community of students who are going through the same academic stresses as you and are as motivated and committed to their studies as you are. Once you build a following and make connections, everyone shares supportive comments and helpful tips. Sometimes seeing a positive comment on your post can change your mood and motivate you to keep going!
  2. Changing it up: Each and every studygrammer is different; their note-taking style, their handwriting, their organization, etc. Constantly seeing a variety of different ways to take notes and study is an excellent way to grow as a student. It allows you to try new ideas, ones you never thought of, to help you find what works best for you.
  3. Accountability: Running a studygram page forces you to be responsible and accountable. If you promise your followers you will post by a certain time on a certain day, it will keep you on a time schedule and prevent you from procrastinating or slacking. You can use your studygram to force yourself to study and manage your time more efficiently.
  4. The creativity: Studygramming is simply a fun and creative way to study! You will find yourself being more creative with your notes and the way you take pictures for a post. In the stressful life of a student, a little color and creativity can only be good for you.

Remember, there is no wrong way to run a studygram. Use it to find what works best for you as a student. Share your ideas and listen to other's ideas. Change it up!


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