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“Action speaks louder than words”, the phrase explains the importance of action in our life. Whatever work we do, whatever task we perform, if these tasks are not converted into action your efforts are not worthy. Data Science that makes you skilled in analysing, visualising and presenting the important data in an attractive way, requires the skills of storytelling to show the insights in an interesting way. Storytelling is an art that is the combination of 4Ps as People, Place, Plot, and Purpose. Good scripts of any story have the engagement of all these elements to make it more attractive and actionable.

Skilled Data Analysts are always good at analysing and presenting data, numbers in a different way but it rarely helps to accomplish their purpose. In this case, once your data reach other people who are master in understanding data, have thousands of questions in it. These questions can only be answered through intensive Data Visualization and Storytelling. Thus, Data Visualization and Storytelling techniques are such tricks that facilitate data scientists to present their analysis in a better way.

These are the objective of Data Visualisation with Storytelling

· Sometimes people are not able to absorb the gist of Data Analytics they get finally. It somehow creates the wrong image of the company and diminishes the efforts made by Data Analysts. Everyone needs the curated insights of the project in an attractive and understandable way. Data Visualization with Storytelling satisfies your purpose by making your analysis more presentable

· Easy and attractive presentation increase your reach to more people. Once your insights reach to maximum people it further helps in the promotion of your business as well as the development of the organization

· When your insightful story reaches more people, they provide you with more feedback for the betterment of your product and services which further helps in the growth of your company. Some good feedback may also help in updating your marketing strategy

· When your curated insight report goes to the hands of the person who is not from Data Science but viewing your story due to its attraction, It creates a better image of your organization and thus facilitates your brand building

Need of Skilled Data Scientist with Good Storyteller

Today, finding Data Scientist may be easy but having skilled Storytellers are hard to get. The demand for professionals skilled in both has simultaneously increased in recent days. These are some of the reasons behind their massive importance

· Storytelling has become an integral part of the Data scientist's Job. Being even a non-tech skill, it is extremely desired to develop informative insights with Data Analysis extract

· Any report is incomplete without the right context in it. Data Analytics storytelling facilities in delivering the right context to the target audience which helps to effectively explain the ideas to a larger audience

· Data storytelling helps in making data and analytics more accessible. When your story goes to more people the more people will come to know about your product, service, business

· Data scientist works in a forward direction rather than backward. When you want your audience to understand the significance of your presentation, you let them learn from the insights and make informed business decisions and it could not possible without Data Storytelling

· The insights generated from the Data Analysis helps in strategic decision making in the organization. In business dealing, you have to present the data in a reasonable manner, as impactful presentations always break the deal. Good insights can escalate your projects or minimize the undue expenses in any projects

· Today, storytelling has become an extension of business intelligence, as it combines Data Visualization with a powerful generation of actionable insights for the business development

Data Visualisation and Storytelling- Made for each other

Data Visualization and Storytelling, the combination of both makes an analytics document amazing. Decorating a story with amazing facts and data increases the value of an insightful report developed after in-depth data analysis. A sound data analysis can turn any insight into actionable insight that further help in the development of the best strategy for business. The start of an actionable and insightful data analysis report start by making a clear and visual representation of your data. Visual representation facilitates, to sum up, more info within a small space and show it further to the intended audience. Data Visualization is also an innovative way of covering massive information in formats that are easy and interactive for the audience. Raw data can be quite impossible for people to understand, numbers can also reduce interest, which is why not many people would want to wrap their heads around raw data. Data Visualization spares the data into easy formats that are easier to track and also gradually increases the impact of information and helps to communicate your message.

Techniques of Data storytelling

· Write Narration of every data finings in an innovative way

· Make amazing headlines for every slide with some data

· Use info-graphics with the inclusion of images, captions

· Avoid unnecessary information and extraneous data

· Make a sound script if need something

· Use charts to present large and complex data

Key Requirements for Data Storyteller

Knowledge of target audience- This is the prime requirement for a Data Storyteller. Generally, in any storytelling, you draft the script according to the interest of your audience. In a similar node, Data visualisation storytelling you have to design the story or script according to the need and interests of your audience. Knowing and understanding your audience helps to design your dashboards, insights, reports more attractive and high impactful

Involve your audience- After knowing your audience; it becomes the responsibility of the storyteller to keep the audience engaged in the content of the story. Data visualisation makes your path smooth by giving end-users insightful and attractive narratives. The attractive, innovative and actionable insight keep the audience interest alive and this fulfils the main objective of Data Visualised storytelling

Focused Content- While telling a story, there is always a possibility of going off track from the main topic. Therefore, it is very important for the Data storyteller to understand the relevance of content and prepare the data visualised story accordingly. For that, he has to intensely analyse and understand the context whether include or leave the additional information to make your dashboard efficient, clean and informative

Research of Story- The preparation of making the insightful document starts before data visualisation. One has to go through many similar documents to develop a strong understanding of context. It also helps in the development of an overview in one’s mind before narrating the story. When you develop understanding in your mind, you plan a process to extract the required information and then transfer it into needful insight

Trust of Audience: Today, numerous fake news and misleading content are moving around. In this situation, people want cold and hard facts only. They want convincing numbers that display reality and provide an amazing viewing experience. Data Storyteller has a huge role in this sequence as it provides the most genuine and reliable information in an insightful way.

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