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Status Symbol : Why English?

by English Trainer 7 months ago in courses
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Global Language

Hello All! In this article I would definitely cover all the points that we need to learn English properly. To begin with, English as a language plays a vital role in our lifes.

It's a Global Language, which is used in daily conversation, whether its formal or informal. English has become status as wherever we go, we can easily find, speaking english people.

There are four Skills in any language i.e. LSRW ( listening, speaking, reading and writing ). Let's talk about these skills:

1- Listening is accepted as one of the most effective modes of learning. There are basically two types of listening.

• First is casual listening. In this type we listen to the speaker without any specific purpose.

• Second is focused listening. And its clear from the name itself. In this type we listen to the speaker with a purpose or intention of knowing the details.

Activities to develop Listening skills-

▪︎ We can narrate short english stories and learners may be asked to re-narrate them.

▪︎ Quizzes with simple answers interest the learners.

▪︎ Listen to the interviews of renowned personalities in english as well.

2- Speaking - Listening and Speaking are the two sides of the same coin i.e. Oral Communication. Child in his early age when he/she was infant listen to the parents and other family members and gradually starts speaking. So at home environment should be made where all speak in English as 90% of the brain developed upto the age of 6years.

Activities to develop Speaking Skills-

▪︎ Give environment to the learners to express themselves in English.

▪︎ Secondly, Describe all the things (living / non-living) in English. Then narrate the short sentences in English.

3- Reading- It is one of the very useful Skills in learning a language like English. The encoder (writer) encodes the message, whereas the decoder (reader) decodes the message and understand it.

There are total four types of Reading:

• Reading aloud- At the early stage much of the reading to be done is reading aloud. It is necessary to ensure that the child is reading the printed material correctly.

Silent Reading- The children may also be encouraged to read silently. At higher stage, most of the reading done will be of this nature only.

• Intensive Reading- It is done when the reader try together facts or arrive at some conclusions on the basis of the facts.

• Extensive Reading- It is done when one reads longer texts like novels or stories for pleasure.

Activities to develop Reading Skills-

▪︎ With the help of jumbled reading this skill can be developed. Learners are asked to organize the Sentences in proper order.

▪︎ Reading newspaper is also a very good exercise as we will get a bundle of Vocabulary and it will add to our knowledge of English learning.

4- Writing- In the words of Bacon "Reading makes a full man, and Writing an exact man". Writing makes the record permanent. Whatever is written will remain forever. Out of the four language Skills, Writing is very important as well as the most difficult skill to learn.

Activities to develop Writing Skills-

▪︎ Writing composition can be very much profitable.

▪︎ We can write the autobiography. This is a very good way of knowing ourselves when we write in English.

▪︎ If we are rich in Vocabulary then it's very easy to write in English, whether its story, paragraph writing or anything.

With the passage of time, younger generations have realised that English is a language of job opportunity and upward social mobility.

Here I want to share my personal experience.

A very important chapter of my life that became a turning a turning point of my life. My early years education upto class 6th was completed in hindi medium school. At that time being so young, I did not realised the importance of English. But it was my mother who taught me, that English is a global language and at this point it became important to admit you in English medium school because when you grow old you will feel neglected. As English is given preferance over other languages. She somehow managed the school fee of that top missionary school of my town.

And its because of her endeavour that I was admitted to English medium school. At first, I faced so much difficulty. As I still remember the first day of my English medium school. My classteacher asked me to introduce myself. I was standing like an effigy with head down quietly. My classmates laughed at me. That day I decided that definitely one day I would overcome this weakness of mine. And I will prove my worth of becoming English expert.

So, I started reading syllabus books prescribed by NCERT. As well as I used to do one page English writing daily. I also told my Mom to take dictation test alternate days. These few tips and tricks I have applied. Slowly I started improving. I also took part in essay, speech and writing competition followed by other competitions related to English. In other words, I can say that in order to achieve your desired goal, you should develop this quality of believing in yourself. Always remember "I know, I can".

Always have the spark of knowing and learning. As with passion and dedication you can achieve anything in life, anything.....

Here is a list of few tips and Tricks by following that on regular basis you can become a master of English.

i- Listen to the interviews of renowned personalities in English.

ii- Watch Hollywood movies with English subtitles.

iii- Read english newspapers on daily basis. Find out the meaning of the word that is unknown to you.

iv- Notedown the new words with meaning atleast five new words daily. Keep revising.

v- Stand in front of the mirror and introduce yourself. This will boost your confidence.

vi- Talk to customer care in English, whenever you want any service or have to file a complaint.

vii- Start talking with your friends and family members in english. This will in return give them also opportunity to improve themselves.

To Conclude: In today's world, which is changing at a very fast speed, its very important to know English and its four Skills (LSRW) As with the help of this language we can chase anything in life. It opens the door for job opportunity and social mobility as well. So need to conduct a self-evaluation of English and identify areas that we need to improve.


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