Smart Manufacturing Apprenticeships Can Give Students College Alternatives: This Is How

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Get to know the alternatives of nowadays for the college students.

Smart Manufacturing Apprenticeships Can Give Students College Alternatives: This Is How

Many high school students see college as the obvious step toward adulthood. There is some truth in this since a college diploma opens many doors in high-demand fields and greatly boosts your chances at a successful career. However, for a large number of students, college is also an enormous rigor and expense, and taking a loan is more of a loss than a gain even if the long run.

In the manufacturing business, there’s a whole other troublesome story. Many manufacturers face technology and automation issues with their operations. For these people, one of the biggest challenges at this point is to find the skilled employees who can keep their business running.

That being said, you are looking at a perfect combination, a solution for both sides. Taking part in a smart manufacturing apprenticeship opens up many possibilities for work and success, and is an excellent alternative to college. Moreover, it solves the problem that is a constant burden in the manufacturing world, so it is a win-win situation.

Should you give up on college?

Believing that college is the greatest shot you have at quality life and a great career is not wrong but for some, the future lies into apprenticeships and trade schools. Very often, this is not only an alternative but the actual best option you should consider to get your adult life started well. So, if you don’t want to go into debt that you’ll have to pay for a very long time, you should definitely consider smart manufacturing apprenticeship.

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So, while the emphasis across the world is set on pursuing a college degree in a university, you should definitely not throw aside the option to go for an apprenticeship just yet. It is simple—if you don’t see yourself in college or paying all that college debt, the alternative can be equally great for you. People who find academia not stimulating enough or cannot afford to do this for any reason are often drawn to work that is more of a hands-on.

Why smart manufacturing?

There are literally hundreds of positions that you can choose to pursue even if you aren’t going for a college degree. Some will demand training and education, while others will be based on apprenticeships. The benefits are grand in both and all it takes to succeed is self-motivation, dedication, and persistence.

Smart manufacturing is in high demand now. The revenue has reached over $170 billion in 2016 and is constantly growing, and the reasons for it are very obvious. People who work in the field help companies and organizations in using automation to develop and evaluate their strategies. The demand for manufacturing based on knowledge and training is on the rise due to exponential costs and uncertainties in the energy and raw materials supply. As a result of all this, industry leaders actively seek people to help them make manufacturing smarter and accelerated, as well as compliant with the quality standards set by customers.

In addition to offering these benefits, smart manufacturing also offers dynamic production and optimization in real time.

Smart manufacturing apprenticeships address the worker shortage.

Numerous manufacturing apprenticeships combine classroom learning and training to people who choose this option over a college education. In addition to providing students and workers an opportunity for a career beyond an entry level, such apprenticeships provide a way to develop advanced skills without the high costs that come with the college education. With a shortfall of millions of jobs in the manufacturing sector worldwide, getting more people interested in such training is essential.

And it is not just them who put their efforts into informing potential workers of the benefits this college alternative offers. In addition to apprenticeships, there are many groups that were to create an awareness at young students. For example, there’s been a contest named "What’s so cool about manufacturing’’ for several years now—with the goal to get kinds in grades six to eight out of the classroom and aware of what the manufacturing world looks like.

In a world where the main focus is set on college education and high academic degrees as the main prerequisite for a quality career, it is essential to know how cool manufacturing really is. If you become good at it and select a field that is as promising as smart manufacturing, your income can beat the odds for high income you are looking at when considering a college education. And still, you might need some research paper writing service or help of UK best essays writers, as many students do, because writers there are very experienced and make their work on a high-quality level. Anyway, it is totally your choice.


Knowing all this, you should definitely consider manufacturing apprenticeship when weighing the pros and cons of a college education. No one will tell you that college isn’t worth it, but if you aren’t too eager, ready or able to enroll into and finish a college program, you should know that there are alternatives worth considering, too.

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