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by Ben Richardson 10 months ago in courses

Biology: Enzymes and Metabolism

Simple Science

Welcome to Simple Science. Today I want to talk about some of the things that make our bodies run. The amazing and interesting facts that allow us to do what we do each and every day.

Enzymes and Metabolism

Part 1: Enzymes

ENZYMES and METABOLISM!!! Sounds scary right?! Well it isn't really, its actually quite simple. Today we are going to start by looking at enzymes and next we will look at metabolism, and finally how they work together to help our bodies run.

I am going to start by giving you a little bit of background before we dive into what these really are and what they really do.

Enzymes are what we like to call a catalyst. A catalyst is something that works with the chemistry of our body to speed up a process. Enzymes in our body are vital to speeding up processes that we use to survive. There are five major processes in our body that enzymes help to run more efficiently:

  1. Metabolism
  2. DNA synthesis
  3. RNA synthesis
  4. Protein synthesis
  5. Digestion
How does it work?
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