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Should Parents be Responsible For Pupil's School Absence?

by Abass Quadri Olajide 4 months ago in student
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Students' school absence is the responsibility of every adult in society. Due diligence will help curb this menace.

Pupil's school absence

Covid19 effect changed most approach to learning as education stakeholder began to introduce more initiative that makes learning easier irrespective of location. Numerous class teachers complain about students’ school absence despite the availability of accessible learning materials.

The cause of this menace from peer pressure to lack of proper guidance, among others, made some educationists suggest that parents should be held responsible for their child’s absences in school.

Parents Role In A Child’s Education.

The following provides insight into the basic responsibilities of a parent on children’s learning;

They help shape belief.

Do you ever wonder how some children turn out to have similar traits to their father or mother? The answer is easy, they learn a lot from their associates, and the closest person to a child is the guardian/parent.

It is very easy to impact basic beliefs about culture, society, and religion on a young learner. If you want a child to be among the best in his peer, help shape positive beliefs about school and observe significant changes.

Parents serve as motivators.

Learners below the age of 15 tend to be quiet about their experiences in school or the community. A good parent should be observant of such mood swings and help communicate unpleasant experiences.

This single approach enables children to have learning zeal and assimilate better in the classroom. Parents that serve as good motivators to children always experience positive social and economic benefits.

Study together

The truth is, some learners can be shy to ask questions in the classroom. However, if they have a good relationship with their parent, there is no need to worry about low exam grades as their guardian will provide more explanation on a taught topic after school.

Most parents say their busy schedule is why they do not create enough time for a child. Remember that when a learner does not perform well in school or graduates with low grades, it will make you feel bad.

Enables to schedule at least 30 minutes daily to go through the child's daily school activities and ask important questions relating to assignments and taught topics.

Teacher’s Role In A Child’s Education

Despite parents having a significant part to play in a child's successful learning, teachers also have their responsibilities. Below is a highlight of some roles of a classroom instructor;

An external parent

Most children spend at least 5 hours in school. After impacting educational knowledge, teachers can serve as guidance by providing support when necessary.

Similarly, prominent classroom instructors help students select courses/career paths according to their grade level. Some are interested in becoming an engineer but have low score grades in mathematics and perform better in language or commerce subjects.

A teacher will advise such a student to reconsider his career decision and choose career paths in line with high grades. For learners' short time in school, teachers serve as their parents.

Make learning interesting

The truth is, learning alone can be boring. A class instructor uses different teaching strategies to make the session lively for better assimilation. This simple approach makes students eager for the next session and performs better in their studies.

The importance of instructional materials and short tests after each class session has been significant to learning. When students know there is a periodic record of their daily assessment in school, they won’t want to miss class.

Who is responsible for a child's learning?

We are all responsible for a child’s learning from parent to teacher and to society. Although kids may spend the most time at home, they learn from school associates, peers, and extended family members.

Parents should be skeptical of things they allow young learners to access as they might not be able to comprehend the consequence of their actions, thereby taking the wrong decisions that may affect their careers.

Who should be punished for a child's school absence?

Authorities should identify the child’s school absence reason(s) before deciding on an appropriate punishment. Sometimes, parents might have good principles that support students’ education, but they may fall under peer or social media pressure. Strict measures on a child’s education help to ensure future success.

If the parents are at fault for the child’s school absence, then report to authorities so the student can be under social service protection. Also, when teachers are at fault, report to a school, or suspend such a person.


Young learners hold a significant role in the development of society. If a child is absent from school for two days, due diligence for possible reasons should be in place, and authorities should provide solutions to curb future occurrences.

If you have any suggestions/recommendations about pupil school absence, kindly drop a comment below.



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