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'SCOOP' Movie Review

Calling of a journalist: An engine for social change

By Luwela AmorPublished 29 days ago 3 min read
Left to right 'Scoop Character': Emily Maitlis, Samantha McLister, and Esme Wren

Role of journalism in exposing social issues

Journalism plays a vital role in every country for information dissemination. It serves as the fundamental sense of responsibility of providing and giving society the news that the public needs to know and specifically, to practice the duty and role of the media as watchdogs.

Serving as a watchdog. This is one of the duties of being a journalist to society, it means prioritizing the public interest by providing the information they ought to know. Exposing the actions, behaviors, and decisions of the people in power, particularly the government officials and others accountable for misconduct is part of being a good journalist. The role of journalism in society was evident in every coverage, in the movie “Scoop” journalism played a significant role in many aspects, especially in exposing social issues.

The movie serves as a platform for addressing serious allegations against a prominent public figure. The interview by BBC Newsnights in 2019 brought attention to the public where Prince Andrew's name was associated with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender, and raised questions about his judgment, transparency, and accountability.

This movie is highlighted to uncover the hidden truths and injustices in society. During the interview, the journalist, Emily Matlis asked direct questions about the Duke's relationship with Epstein. This also opened the allegations about Prince Andrew’s connections with some of the victims of Epstein. Matlis asked Prince Andrew to respond to accusations claimed by Virginia Giuffre, formerly known as Virginia Roberts that he had sexual encounters with her when she was a minor, which he denied.

However, some do not accept his apologies, claiming he is “not innocent”. With this, that interview serves as a platform for the other victims to speak up. This film highlighted what journalism does; providing a platform by amplifying voices and empowering underrepresented and suppressed voices through the stories they tell to the public.

This movie also highlighted how journalism plays a pivotal role in providing a platform for public discourse about certain issues, particularly in the scene where the public formed their own opinions about the explanations of Prince Andrew regarding the allegations against him, these opinions might prompt the Duke to step back from his royal duties, possibly out of embarrassment? But still, it only illustrates that mass still holds the power. And it demonstrates how journalism can shape and influence public opinion and prompt action from those people in positions of power.

The BBC Newsnight team exemplified the role of journalists in demanding accountability from those powerful individuals, regardless of their status and social connections.

“To get the stories other shows won’t. Stories need to be told, that people cared about. Hold the power for the account and give victims a voice,” BBC Newsnight editor, Esme Wren stated.

This statement only demonstrates that journalism seeks to report and uncover stories that were ignored and overlooked by others. Journalism is essential in society and claiming democracy; it seeks the truth and empowers individuals. Overall, this movie serves as a reminder that it is important to have a free and independent press and safeguard democratic values.

Thus, journalists play a critical role in society, they faces a lot of difficulties, where challenges, obstacles, and threats to press freedom are real. Many social issues arise and are discussed because a lot of journalists dare to expose and unveil the truth. And reporting various stories day by day as much as they could. This is obvious; no one can deny that journalism are powerful force for inclusive social changes and a wake-up call for society.

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  • John Charlie11 days ago

    This review has piqued my interest in SCOOP. I look forward to seeing how the BBC Newsnight team's relentless pursuit of accountability is portrayed, especially in such a high-stakes scenario involving Prince Andrew.

Luwela AmorWritten by Luwela Amor

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