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By Hydeer IpmanPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

Everyone wants to repent to Allah and become a believer. Everyone wants to return to Allah

and seek His forgiveness. However, Allah has made it clear that once it is too late, He will not accept anyone's repentance or belief. It is important to seek Allah's forgiveness now before it is too late.

Repentance is not accepted from believers once the Sun rises from the West. Allah does not accept repentance or belief from anyone at that point. The opportunity for repentance is over, the doors and gates are closed. It is too late to seek forgiveness.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "Allah will continue to accept the repentance of one of you until the sun rises from the West." When the sun rises from the West, the opportunity for repentance will be closed, and the fate of people will be sealed—those who believed will remain believers, and those who disbelieved will remain in disbelief. Those who prayed will continue to pray, but those who neglected prayer may never have the chance to rectify their neglect and seek forgiveness from Allah.

Therefore, my brothers and sisters, I urge you to repent to Allah before it's too late, before the sun rises from the West. Seize the opportunity to turn back to Him, mend your ways, and seek His forgiveness. Let us strive to make our repentance sincere and genuine, improving ourselves in the process. May Allah guide us and grant us the strength to always turn to Him in repentance and obedience.

In another Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) elaborates on six crucial matters before emphasizing the urgency to act before the sun rises from the West. He urges believers to hasten in doing good deeds before it's too late because once the sun rises from the West, Allah will no longer accept deeds or repentance from anyone. At that point, the fate of individuals will be sealed—believers will remain believers, and disbelievers will remain in disbelief. Those who adhered to righteousness will continue to do so, while those who disobeyed will have no chance for redemption.

Some scholars view the rising of the sun from the West as one of the final signs of the Day of Judgment, while others consider it one of the initial major signs. Nonetheless, it is closely linked to the emergence of the Beast, another significant sign of the end times. This Beast, described in various narrations, will speak and distinguish between believers and non-believers, marking them on their noses and foreheads. The Prophet did not delve into further details about the Beast, cautioning against exaggerations and myths surrounding its appearance and characteristics.

Additionally, the Prophet mentioned the occurrence of a visible smoke as one of the major signs of the Day of Judgment. This smoke will cover the sky and affect people differently—Believers will experience it like a mild illness, akin to a flu, while non-believers will suffer severe consequences, including illness, unconsciousness, and death.

The Prophet emphasizes the need for repentance and righteousness before these signs manifest fully, as once they occur, there will be no opportunity for redemption or improvement. Therefore, it is incumbent upon believers to hasten in their good deeds, seeking forgiveness from Allah and striving to lead a righteous life. May Allah guide us and grant us the wisdom to heed these warnings and act accordingly.

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