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Recommended Side Hustle For Students

by Abass Quadri Olajide 4 months ago in student
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You can make a considerable income in school by engaging in a college student side hustle.

Student side hustle

Many learners complain about surviving in school with different financial challenges. Do you need a college student’s side hustle ideas that have proven effective for others? Do you want a sustainable income guide that won't interfere with your studies as a tertiary institution learner?

Before going into details about the topic, you need to understand the term “side hustle.” Anything that generates income outside traditional activities is a side hustle to a prominent tutoring platform,

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This content provides different recommended money-making ideas for learners across locations. Note that skill acquisition doesn’t have age limitations as anyone above 15 years old with the necessary tools can learn anytime. The college student’s side hustle ideas include;

This content provides different recommended money-making ideas for learners across locations. Note that skill acquisition doesn’t have age limitations as anyone above 15 years old with the necessary tools can learn anytime. The college student’s side hustle ideas include;

Freelance writing

Do you know that an average freelance writer makes at least $50 per write-up? If you are an excellent writer, you can cover more than 30 content (500 words each) within a month. Simply multiply the amount with the written content number and see the outcome income without a sweat.

The truth is, top companies are always ready to pay individuals that add value to their firm. Quality content helps entice clients and provides information about the goals and objectives of a company.

Interestingly, learning freelance writing does not require stress as you only need a computable device, access to the internet, and commitment. In addition, it won’t interfere with your studies as some tutoring platforms ensure learning at an individual’s pace.

Common freelance writing platforms include Fiverr, Upwork, and You can always negotiate with the client for the charge amount as the platform collects a percentage after completion. and after project completion.

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Photography involves more than just taking pictures. Do you know that people pay a significant amount to learn this skill? As a student, you can be a professional photographer and attend classes without hassle.

Prominent individuals and corporate bodies pay thousands of dollars to anyone that can provide a good brand image. You can cover this service with only one, two, or three picture shots.

Some might say, I don’t want to be taking pictures within my community, any other niches in photography? Yes, instead of capturing images for companies and earning $100-$300, there is an opportunity for more by snapping wildlife or creating art imagery.

Numerous students are making thousands of this skill. You can cover basic college expenses and others if you are a professional photographer. Furthermore, you don’t need many tools to get started.


Tutoring involves both online and offline classes. Many students need people to sort assignments, and projects, or explain details about their last lecturer’s session. You can provide that service and make earnings for yourself.

Shy learners interested in tutoring can take advantage of technological gadgets and teach from home. You only need a personal computer, stable internet, and knowledge about the intended subject.

However, I will advise engaging more in activities that build self-confidence. Teachers are leaders as numerous students look up to them as moral and educational guides.

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Online Survey

A survey involves answering questions about products or services. Companies want to know the public opinion about their brand or intended new product using surveys to acquire such information.

You can earn up to $300 with no hassle. It’s like answering simple questions about the things you do daily. However, some complained about survey opportunities not being available in their region.

If a survey site does not accept reviews from your locality, kindly register on another platform. You don’t need to pay on a reputable survey site. Some trusted ones include; Surveymonkey, Swagbucks, YouGov, Pinecone Research, and Survey Junkie, among others.

Virtual assistant

The covid effect has forced many organizations to allow their employees to work from home and more plan to reduce their daily expenses by employing virtual assistants that can carry out basic administrative tasks.

You only need to understand how to use basic computer programs like PowerPoint, Excel, Google Docs, Tableau, et al. With a personal computer, stable electricity, and internet, you are good to go as a virtual assistant.

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Final Verdict

Before science and technology advancement, many learners go through rigorous processes surviving in school without a basic income. However, you can complete simple tasks and earn dollars online with a computable device,

For recommendations/ inquiries about college student’s side hustle or any related content, kindly drop a comment below;



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