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Pre-school Preparation: How To Deal With Separation Anxiety

by Vincent385623 12 months ago in student
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Pre-school Preparation

The first day of school is both a happy and dreadful day for your kid as he ventures out a world outside of your home. It sure is uncomfortable for your child to meet unfamiliar people in a strange place and step outside his comfort zone. But there are ways to help the children adjust quickly and transition from learning inside the house to a school smoothly. This article summarizes eight ways to prepare a child for school and how to deal with separation anxiety!

1. Talk with the child.

As cliché as it sounds, communication is the key! Converse with your kid, be aware of his feelings and discuss his concerns about this new world he's about to step in. Familiarize him with his new daily schedule, when his first class will start, and when it will end each day. Give them that boost of excitement before going to school!

2. Visit the school a day before the class starts

Visit the school with them to see their classroom and meet their adviser. Show them all the good things about going to school! Tell them that studying is fun and it will allow them to make new friends. Tour around the school will also enable them to familiarize themselves with the new surroundings where they're going to be for a year.

3. Pretend to play while at home

Act out possible scenes on their new daily routines, like saying goodbye before going to school, packing lunches, taking coats off, reading books, singing songs, even greetings in the morning. Reassure the little one that is going to school and learning can be fun. This can help reduce their anxieties on the first day.

4. Practice Self-Help Skills

Getting ready early in the morning may take time. It's beneficial to practice this before the first day. Try pretending it's already a school day by waking up early and going through getting ready for school, like getting dressed, fixing all the supplies for school such as notebooks, pencils, erasers. Practicing these skills can help the child remember what to do when the actual day arrives.

5. Shop with them

Let the child join in buying school supplies. Back-to-school clothes and items play a role in making them excited about going to school. Let them choose the supplies that they need, make them feel like the items are for them and will be for good use. This gives the children a sense of control over their things.

Label all the things with the child and teacher's name, so the kid will know it belongs to them.

6. Let The Child Rest

The first few weeks of school can tire the child as this is a new environment and routine. Allow the child to rest once they made it home, give them snacks and drinks or let them sleep for a short while. Try not to overwhelm them with a heavy schedule of activities to try.

Kids will need time to adjust; let them relax and rest at home to be overwhelmed.

7. Prepare some tissues

No, really. Seeing the kids run to the service to school can get emotional for the parents. Shedding tears are normal. A wave of mixed emotions can hit both the parents — pride, sadness, happiness, and even guilt. But going out for some coffee can help reduce those mixed feelings; going out with some parents going through the same thing can help until it's time to pick them up. Kids are also thrilled to see their parents once they got home.

8. Capture them photos

Parents can't always be with their children at school, so while there's a chance, take photos of their firsts – the first trip to school, first day, accomplishing their first assignment, finishing school works. Compile them in a photo album. This can be a calming family bonding as they look back on those days.

Daycare franchises and education teach children how to learn for the rest of their lives. When children are given a chance to study in ways that interest them in preschool, a good relationship with learning is formed. Children develop a hunger for information that lasts throughout their education years because of the high-quality preschool. Want to know more about daycare franchises? Go to kidcityusa where you can get detailed info about daycare franchises.

This is one of the most significant achievements a child can achieve in their early life. It's going to be a significant change for the family. Since this is pretty big, children might need their parents' complete support, letting them know that no matter what happens, you will be with them throughout their studying journey.


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