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Praising A Middle School Teacher

Striving for excellence!

By Irene MielkePublished 2 years ago β€’ 3 min read
Praising A Middle School Teacher
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My children were in the same classroom over the pandemic to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. They placed siblings in the same family together within the school system. Their teacher was excellent, and he taught my children for two whole years; while raising toddlers simultaneously! He is a great father and an excellent, articulate teacher!

I wrote this letter to him when my daughter was about to start high school!

My letter to their favorite teacher:

I think you're my children's favorite teacher from the three years they've spent at this school going on four now.

My daughter started in French-immersion, and the rest of them went to private school for a while, but you are a genuinely genuine teacher. I don't say that lightly! I think you should be proud of yourself. My daughter has her eyes and heart set on a career in film and animation when she graduates. Her aunt wrote a book and asked her to do the illustrations for when she will publish it, and I taught her all the ways she could go after high school.

My daughter has been doing what she does best: drawing her cartoons and putting them into stories. She finally shares documents with me for writing and seems confident in using them; we have been writing stories together!

The great thing for her is her first high school course is English, her favorite, so that will help her confidence, so she's going to go into high school more confident, and her teacher sent out a video of him introducing himself to the kids.

He seems great for her personality type. She's more excited about school than any other year before, and this year, the high school kids have to bring a Chromebook to school due to social distance learning. I guess that's what they'll be using. I bought the kids a bundle on this website:

I believe a college professor out of the United States of America created programs for kids and adults to have a head start. It's great because it helps them see education in another light, and my daughter loves it; I think she's going to have a better year this year :)!! Whatever you did, it seemed to work. You helped a lot!!

As for my son, I see you will be his teacher again. He wanted to be in your class again like my son thrives at your school. It's the best school for his personality type. The private school wasn't working for him, although it might have worked more for my daughter.

It didn't make sense to have my kids in different schools; I had to switch my son because he wasn't happy there, and my other son needed extra help for his IEP.

My daughter just got comfortable there when I switched her over; she had a lot of friends there!! However, it's a new beginning, and I think it will be okay :) :)!!

My son told me every day to check if you were his teacher again :), and my son looks up to you quite a lot as a mentor and appreciates you so much.

Here is what he said about being in your class this year after I told him to guess what, that's your teacher again. He said, "I know, mom, I already looked," and he was so happy, full of joy :)!!

It's essential that the kids are happy. Happy students and happy children do better in life!

My son will be in good hands in your class again this year!

Have a wonderful new year.

Yours kindly,



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