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Pharma Sales and Marketing Analytics | Improving Efficiencies for Pharma Manufacturing Giant

Discover how a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company optimized its sales team's efficiencies and improved its data-driven platform with the help of Data Nectar's self-service business intelligence solution. Learn how they achieved a 12% increase in average quarterly bandwidth, saved up to 950 man-days, and gained 4x faster access to sales operation information. Contact us to see how we can help your business thrive.

By Amisha ParmarPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

In today's data-driven world, businesses are turning to technology solutions to optimize their operations and boost sales performance. One such example is a global pharmaceutical manufacturing company based in India. With a turnover of over USD 1 billion and a presence in 14 countries, the company is a leader in the healthcare industry, producing generic drugs, vaccines, wellness, and cosmetics. However, despite spending a significant amount on sales and product promotion, the company needed a more efficient platform to track sales performance and market share, as well as to better distribute budgets. That's where Data Nectar's self-service business intelligence platform came in.

The Challenge: Disparate Data Sources and Legacy Systems

The sales team consists of over 700 members across various product lines, geographies, and organizational hierarchies. Medical representatives across the globe visit doctors to educate them on drug effects for various diseases. Sales orders are punched into a custom in-house developed Order Management System, while the field staff uses SalesForce CRM to plan and track their doctor visits.

The existing legacy systems used across the organization, including SAP, Salesforce, and Order System, made data analytics and information distribution a complex task that lacked efficacy. It was becoming increasingly challenging to consolidate and validate information to create reports for all the sales reps across regions.

The top management faced challenges in having a frequent bird-eye view of the sales activities with reliable accuracy. Making the right decisions on time-related to training, retention, and hiring was becoming increasingly difficult.

The Solution: A Business Intelligence System

Data Nectar's team of data analytics and BI solutions experts analyzed the current legacy sales process that consumed the client's productive hours (up to 950 man-days) and implemented a business intelligence system to enable frequent access to accurate sales information. The solution design enabled data integration and applied the required data transformation for consolidated and consistent data for the enterprise data warehouse. Data analytics on data marts and data cubes enabled dashboards and delivered a range of reports to stakeholders faster, more frequently, and more accurately.

Key Features and Benefits of the Business Intelligence Solution

The business intelligence solution for pharma sales & marketing analytics delivered included data ingestion, data cleansing and transformation, and data warehouse modeling that supports country-specific financial year reporting requirements. Role-based Power BI dashboards and reports were created across dimensions like product lines, diseases, geographies, and sales team size.

The solution resulted in significant benefits, including:

  • A saving of 950-man days in effort for data aggregation and static Excel-based report preparation for the team of 12 regional sales managers
  • A 12% increase in the average quarterly bandwidth of the sales team due to easy access to data and report automation
  • 4x faster access to sales operation information across decision-makers

In conclusion,

constantly improving your data analytical capabilities has a significant impact on business performance in the short and long run. The implementation of a business intelligence system enabled the pharmaceutical manufacturing giant to optimize its sales team's efficiencies, save time and resources, and make better-informed decisions. If you're facing similar challenges in your business, it's time to consider investing in a data-driven solution that will help you achieve your business goals. Contact Data Nectar today to learn more about how we can help you.

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