Packing for College: What Should I Bring?

by Katryna Weingart 2 years ago in college

With move-in day just around the corner, it's time to go through that list.

Packing for College: What Should I Bring?

With move-in day just around the corner, it's time to go through that list. However, I found that being the third in my generation going to university, my family still had no idea where to start. After searching almost every list that is out on the internet, I have compiled a list to get you started.

Talk to Your Roommate or Your Suitemate

Find out what they're bringing to the dorm/suite so you don't pack double. If there is a supermart nearby, you can pick up whatever you missed there. It is better to pack less and either purchase or bring whatever more you need.


Sleeping is the necessity to keeping your sanity in college. Before bringing any bedding, make sure you know the size (twin, twin XL, queen, etc.) of the bed.

So remember to bring a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, 2 pillow cases, 2 pillows, and a comforter. Also, consider if you need to bring an extra set of bedding, extra blankets, or stuffed animals if that's what you normally sleep in at home. Keep in mind that some of the dorm beds provided may be uncomfortable to sleep on. It may be wise to invest in a sleeping pad for your bed.


This part can vary depending on where you are attending university. It all depends on the weather. Will you need a jacket or a sweater during your first semester? Will you need to pack more jeans than shorts? Will you be going to the rec center? Another thing to think about is how often you want to do laundry.

Most college students do it when they are running low on underwear. However, it's a personal preference on how you wish to do it. You also will want to pack outfits that are for internships, your job, and a date. Don't forget to pack cozy pajamas as well! As pointed out earlier, sleep is going to be keeping your sanity.

Bathroom Necessities

This is especially important for community bathrooms. Your bathroom caddy should have all of your showering necessities such as razors, shower poofs, shampoo, etc. Don't forget to pack towels, a bathrobe, and flip flops, as well. If you are only sharing a bathroom with your roommates, talk to your roommates to figure out who will be bringing bath mats, toothbrush holders, etc.

Office and Study Supplies

This list depends on how you, personally, organize. Start with a college ruled notebook, a folder, and a binder for each subject. Don't forget to pack a backpack, pens, and pencils. The rest depends on your class and what you need. Do you need to purchase your textbooks? Do you want a calendar, an agenda, or a whiteboard for your room? Are you taking a course that may require art supplies? Personally, I am bringing art supplies so I can color in meditation coloring books.

Personal Tech

Don't forget to pack phone and laptop chargers when you move in. Also, remember to pack your laptop if you prefer taking notes this way.

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