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Online Examination Management System: Features & Benefits

by pesofts pess 2 months ago in student / teacher / high school / courses / college
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Thus the article today, while discussing the concept of online examination management software, also highlights its benefits and features.

Online Examination Management System

The presence of Online Examination Software and Online Classroom Software long ago initiated a debate on whether educational institutions should switch to online modes of teaching or not. The benefits of virtual classes and exams were sufficient to convince them, but the education industry was still skeptical about resorting to such a substantial change.

During the advent of COVID, these online tools for imparting learning acted as a boon. They resulted in all schools, colleges, universities, and coaching centers resorting to online teaching through online classroom software and Software for Online Assessment.

Eventually, all the intermediaries (educational institutions and students) associated with imparting lectures and teaching were so well adjusted to this mode of examination that most universities now prefer to conduct remote exams for any large-scale exam.

Against this backdrop, there’s been an increase in the number of online exams, which has given rise to the need for every educational institution to have an Online Examination Management Software that enables them to conduct any number of exams in one go with any number of students.

Features and Benefits of Online Examination Management System

Understanding the Concept Of Online Examination Management Software

An online examination management software enables educational institutions who wish to assess students online to create and manage unlimited exams for the students. The software gives its users various options such as setting exam centers, duration, time for the start of the exam, date of the exam, type of exam (paid or free, practice exam), and the length of the exam.

With this software, the exam conducting institutions have the leverage to allow the students to take the exam either at their convenience or manage the candidates by assigning them to roll numbers.

Features of Online Exam Management System

✔ Efficiently Conduct Multiple Exams Remotely

✔ View Different Types Of Exams

✔ Create Various Types Of Exams

✔ Oversee Student’s Activities While They Are Taking Exam

✔ Manage Students Without Any Hassle

✔ Every Intermediary Can Control Examination Activities

✔ Publish & Manage Results

✔ Various Options For Making Payments

✔ Add Any Format Of Questions

Efficiently Conduct Multiple Exams Remotely: Online Exam software is so easy to use that the people assigned the online exam task do not have to undergo training. With the available demo, they can efficiently conduct large-scale exams.

View Different Types Of Exams: Using the Online Exam Management System, educational institutions, through the dashboard, can view the exams that have been completed by the students, the exams that are yet to be undertaken as well as the ongoing exams.

Create Various Types Of Exams: They can also create various categories of exams by adding unlimited types of questions. Not only this, but they have the option of also controlling other aspects of the exam, such as the time limit of the exam, the time when the same would be available, etc.

Oversee Student’s Activities While They Are Taking Exam: While the students take the exam online, the exam management software’s proctoring feature keeps an eye on the activities of the students to ensure that they do not resort to means that are explicitly prohibited by the examination body. This enables the institutions to maintain the integrity and credibility of the exam.

Manage Students Without Any Hassle: While educational institutions use this software, they get the option of managing students by permitting the test takers to take the exam at their convenience, or they can also manage all the students taking the exam at the same time by assigning them to roll numbers.

Every Intermediary Can Control Examination Activities: With the software for managing online exams efficiently, all the intermediaries associated with Online Exam App can manage their examination activities. The admin responsible for conducting the exam successfully can manage all the activities such as attendance of candidates, submission of exams, publishing results, etc. Teachers can manage students as well as the exam activities. The students, furthermore with their dashboard, can keep a tab on the number of exams they have given, the exams they are yet to give, and their scores.

Publish & Manage Results: Exam management is a word hidden in “online exam management software,” and a crucial aspect of exam management also pertains to the examination results. Thus the software for online exam management enables educational institutions to publish the results as they want to.

Various Options For Making Payments: With exam management software, educational institutions can also upload a series of practice exams that the students can purchase. Also, there are times when the students are required to pay exam-related fees, which can be paid quickly through the software as the software has various modes of payment.

Add Any Format Of Questions: There’s no restriction on the teachers to restrict the question paper to a particular format of questions as the online exam management software enables them to add any questions. The same can range from MCQs to questions with formulas to picture-based questions etc., to even long answer-type questions.

Benefits of Online Exam Management System

With an online exam management system, the exam conducting agencies can derive the following benefits:

✔ Eases The Burden Of Exam Administration

✔ Enables Educational Institutions To Conduct Multiple Exams At the Same Time

✔ Students Can Take Exams Remotely

Eases The Burden Of Exam Administration: Online exam management software can manage almost all the aspects of the exam, such as keeping a record of the number of candidates, their attendance, the answer scripts post the exam, and publishing the results. This results in easing the heavy burden of the exam administration and enables them to focus on other aspects which are imperative for conducting Online exams Process successfully.

Enables Educational Institutions To Conduct Multiple Exams At the Same Time: With an online exam management system, educational institutions can conduct various types of Online Examination System about various subjects simultaneously. The software is scalable enough to accommodate an unlimited number of students at the time without them encountering any difficulty. Educational Institutions can assess students remotely by conducting different exams simultaneously, ensuring they follow the academic schedule without delays. Proctoring features also maintain the credibility and integrity of the exam. This not only keeps the educational program intact but also saves the money that was spent on conducting the exam offline.

Students Can Take Exams Remotely: Since the exams are conducted online, online exam management systems allow students to take the exam at their convenience or at the time chosen by the exam body. The exams online will enable them to take the same in the comfort of their home without any hassle of traveling long distances to reach their exam center. Furthermore, in comfortable surroundings, students can focus more and feel less anxious.

Know More about the Features and Benefits of Online Examination Management System Click Here

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