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Once a teacher, always a father

by Aaron 2 months ago in teacher
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Thanksgiving teacher, everything is self-explanatory.

Walking in the slow school road, how many warm hands have helped us through the rough years; How many teachers stand on both sides of the road, always concerned about our growth. A life-changing lesson, a memorable conversation, a comment k, we all remember it for the rest of our lives.

Drink its flow with its source, learn to read my teacher. Through, look back, how many kind eyes once warm our cold heart. Memories that cannot be changed are the traces left by time. Only sigh, forever hidden in the heart, coagulation to do good memory. He gave us the spirit..... How can such a soul not arouse our heartfelt respect? Fight the blue sky, that is you gave us the wings to take off; Hit the waves thousands of miles, that is you gave us the power of the tide; The torch is not extinguished, it is the flame of your life burning in our youth.

Forget, the spring breeze rain smile, cleaning up the dust of our hearts; Forget the fine exhort, summon up our courage to move forward. So carrying your heavy hope on the road, our shoulders are heavier, the pace is more stable, the next station in life is not far ahead.

Thank you for illuminating the journey of our life with the light of your own life, so that sweat and tears are shining in the dazzling flicker. Everything in the past will become a beautiful memory. When we are tired and slack, we will think of your firm face. You like a red candle, burning to get their own nirvana, leaving a blossoming flower of the soul, competing to bloom in this long road, let the loneliness is no longer unbearable, let the difficulties become so hurried.

You never ask for anything, but always pay silently. In your ordinary life, you brew up how many miracles and create how much beauty. Gan do ladder, you use your own body will be young children to the peak; Would like to be Ivy, you will be the child's frivolous body to the peak of life.

Sow with language, work with chalk, water with hard work, moisten with painstaking effort.

Thanksgiving teacher, with our hearts and actions, casting a better future, in the trek on the road, out of their own brilliant.

The warmth of the sun, the vernal spring breeze, the sweet spring, the teacher's love, flowing in our hearts. No sorrow, for you have given us the pillars of destiny.

The cold wind blows the fallen leaves, but has not changed the fate of its body buried in the soil. Although it is difficult to moisten the leaves and the tree for its time, can not forget its old feelings, mud mulch.

Thanksgiving teacher, with our hearts and actions to offer deep blessings. From a full head of hair to white hair, from a young smile full of wrinkles on the face, for the future flowers, you have paid too much too much.

From seedlings to trees, how much hard sweat fell in the meantime; From the wrinkled bird to the eagle, how many outspread wings to hold the body; From chrysalis to butterflies, how many warm concerns accompany...... Too much. Where to start. How to give back.

Thank you, let us have the courage to do their own; Thank you for teaching us those truth, the days are like water, flowers bloom and fall, we will cherish.

Praise can not express our gratitude, flowers did not represent our thoughts, thank the teacher, thank you in the ups and downs of the solid arm, let not know what to do we have a heavy rely on; Thank you for your hand in confusion and wandering, so that we have a clear direction; Thank you for standing in the flowers and applause of the kind face, let impetuous we found the virtue of life and the goal of efforts.

Thanksgiving teacher, everything is self-explanatory.


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