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No Paper Bags

by Ellie 2 months ago in student · updated 2 months ago

-Ms. Lisa

Who’s at the door? Hmm. Well anytime someone rings a door in this neighborhood you better expect who is coming. I honestly don’t feel like going to door no matter who it is. My stomach is gurgling because meals have seemed a bit less than usual lately. Stupid Pandemic! It was hard enough always having to look forward to school provided lunches. But now I can’t really count on that. That’s life I guess. Well, my life anyways. No one seems to still be at the door, whatever I will quickly open it and yell all crazy if I need to scare someone or something off. Did mom order a package? It looks too big to be anything like medication. Maybe she can confirm whatever this is once she gets off her shift. Weird. Usually she would tell me if something was to arrive at our place. I think I remember her yelling something to me a few days ago but I was tired, in my room, and the door shut. She must have figured I was sleeping because she didn’t call my name a second time with that tone in her voice when she thinks I’m ignoring her. I listen alright, to the sound of silence after the door is slammed closed once she's made her sudden rush out to catch the bus on time for work. I like to listen to the sound of the television I put on after she’s gone so it seems like someone is home, just in case. You know? Well at least I don’t have to listen to some little kid called brother or sister like some of my friends I know, helping out more these days by keeping an eye on their siblings because daycare centers are closed. Saves parents their money, I guess. This box may belong to the neighbors. If it belongs to one of them then I better hand it over soon before I get the stare from mom or worse a thousand questions as to why I didn’t open it sooner. Or worse. Mom getting into it with somebody for saying something she would consider rude to “her baby”. I hate when she does that! She says it’s because she loves me, well I guess. The package is addressed to us. I gotta find something to take off this thick brown paper surrounding whatever this could possibly be. There's a note. With my name on it? No way! Cool, I hope it is an early birthday gift. The writing reveals the true reason for the box... It reads.

Dear Andrew,

This is your favorite teacher. Well alright, it is me Ms. Lisa. I just wanted to send over the prize you have won in our surprise raffle. Please enjoy.

-Hope you are staying safe!

I hope I like what she sent. I’m always told to be grateful for whatever I receive from another because they really didn’t have too. Moms... Let me see what it is. Wow, not bad. A box filled with fruit, vegetables, and a couple of my favorite snacks too. I guess it was a good thing I filled out the Get to Know You Survey at the beginning of session this year. Ms. Lisa is not so bad and mom will appreciate these unusual raffle items as well. I can’t wait until she gets home and fills the apartment with the aroma of her home made meals. Ah, mom says I need to start watching her in the kitchen more often so that I can better make food for myself. Sure, I guess. I better put this food away and fold up the box for later. I should go email Ms. Lisa Thank you.



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