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Never Do This On An Airplane

Traveling by air is very awesome. It makes seeing the world and all of its amazing cultures simpler than ever.

By Emma Published 6 months ago 21 min read

However, the fact that you are on a plane does not negate the existence of rules. And there may be serious repercussions if you violate them. Prepare yourself for seven things you should never do on an airline, from turning off airplane mode to climbing into the overhead bins.


My last vacation didn't start out well. When the flight attendant informed me I had to remove my Batman costume or get off the plane, I had just gotten aboard the aircraft. A clothing code exists for airlines, it turns out. Additionally, several airlines use various codes. And they may vary according on the nation you're going to. How confusing, I tell you. See, certain nations, like Indonesia, have a majority Muslim population, and as a result, people dress more conservatively there. Therefore, it's courteous to cover up before boarding an aircraft if you're traveling there. But before boarding any flight, it's important to review the dress code. It sounds reasonable that wearing filthy, damaged, or revealing clothing could violate the rules and get you removed off the airline, but sometimes even seemingly innocent items like flip flops can do this.

Seriously. Deniz Saypinar, a Turkish bodybuilder, made news in July 2021 when she attempted to board a Miami-bound American Airlines flight. She was apparently duct taped to one of the chairs because her shorts were too short.

Alright, not really. She recently received an airline entrance denial. For a totally different reason, someone was indeed duct taped to a chair, but you'll have to wait to learn more about it. Anyway, Saypinar was understandably furious after being denied boarding the airline and resorted to social media to express her frustrations.

The bodybuilder said that she wasn't dressed in an unpleasant manner at all and that the incident was an assault on her rights as a woman. What do you think, hmm? Has Saypinar a point, or was the airline personnel correct? If a male had arrived dressed similarly, would admittance be denied? Please share your ideas in the comments section. No signal means no issue. You've probably heard the terrifying tales of what may go wrong if you don't turn your cell phone to airplane mode while flying. There will be aerial plane crashes.

There will be mayhem. You'll be relieved to learn that isn't precisely the case, but you ought to still turn it on. When you do, the phone is prevented from looking for a signal. Some of the gear used by pilots operates on the same radio frequencies as smartphones and tablets. As a result, when your phone searches for a signal, it may step in and interfere. Imagine tuning an analog radio from the past. The signal can become muddled and interfere with one another when two stations are on the same frequency. Here, it's the same thing.

Additionally, this technology is necessary for pilots to know their altitude during takeoff and landing, which is fairly crucial.

In fact, a Boeing 737's pilots lost all of their computers and map displays in midair back in January 2017. Whoa.

Fortunately, they were able to stabilize the situation and avoid crashing, but according to investigations, someone's mobile signal may have been to fault. Despite how terrifying the situation may seem, cell phone interference hasn't yet caused a plane to crash. But instead of during the flight, it's still a good idea to text your mother.

This is your captain speaking, good day. However, don't even consider switching your phone to airplane mode at this time. Instead, click those "like" and "subscribe" buttons. You won't miss another incredible video like this one when we land if we do it that way. Everything finished? Okay, have a good rest of your trip.

Phantom Flyer.

I've taken a lot of flights in my life, and they've all been fairly dull to me. Emerson Collins, an American actor, categorically cannot claim the same.

Collins was traveling in a plane in September 2022 when he suddenly began to hear this. It also didn't end there. The weird, guttural noises persisted for what seemed like an eternity. Also, a flight attendant had to make an apology announcement at one point.

(Flight Attendant) Ladies and gentlemen, we are aware that the public announcement is being interrupted by an exceedingly annoying sound. Please be patient with us as the flight deck tries to diagnose and turn it off. We are aware that it is a really peculiar and (laughter) What the heck is happening, then? Well, a spooky ghost didn't do this; it was human. Everyone on board was reportedly being played a joke on by someone who had hacked into the plane's PA system. Nobody knows how they managed to do this. But the strange noises persisted throughout the entire journey.

I'm sure you may face harsh legal consequences if you were discovered doing this. But as far as I know, nobody was actually apprehended. And the secret hasn't been cleared out yet. The primary effect was to utterly irritate the captain and cabin staff. Hey, I'm not being negative. The ringtone I have now is fresh.

Fily flights.

Littering is awful, I think we can all agree on that. But what about those who allow their trash to fester on airplanes? They are the worst, I guess. Frequently, flight attendants are compensated only while they are flying. As a result, if there is any rubbish still aboard the plane after landing, they are forced to perform the repulsive duty of cleaning it up for free. And when I say disgusting, I mean it.

In addition to finding stale food in the seat pockets, one attendant said they also discovered innumerable filthy diapers and soiled underwear. Oh man. diapers are undesirable enough, but adult underwear? Let's go. And things just get worse. Used catheters, toilet paper, and even urine bottles have been discovered by other attendants. Actually, I don't want to know how they did anything. Just don't leave trash on the flights for the sake of the poor workers who are responsible for cleaning up this mess. Moreover, you should never, ever place food in the seat pockets. You have no idea what atrocities have existed there in the past.

Strange travelers. Don't get me wrong, though. I adore animals. However, I wouldn't want to bring one with me on a flight. Nevertheless, some airlines permit any kind of animal to fly as long as it is well-behaved. Some only permit guide dogs and other service animals. However, in order to get around this, people started bringing their non-service animals on board and posing as service animals in order to let the animals fly for free.

Guide horses, peacocks, and even pigs are on the table. Furthermore, these so-called assistance animals would frequently go out of control, generating mayhem by urinating everywhere and making noise. Jeez.

A new legislation was created as a result prohibiting the flying of any assistance animals other than dogs, however others claim this is unjust to those who actually rely on them.

However, there are much worse things than a peacock that you can bring into a plane. Yes, back in 2012, a man caught a wild Egyptian Cobra and stuffed it into his carry-on luggage so he could transport it back to his reptile shop in Kuwait.

He managed to bring the lizard aboard the aircraft somehow, but once he was seated, it was challenging to keep it under control. Egyptian cobras are extremely venomous and aggressive. It bit him after a brief battle and fled into the cabin. There was utter chaos. As far as I can tell, the man made it through his folly. But because of the accompanying hysteria, an emergency landing had to be made in order to deal with the snake. At the time, I considered "Snakes on a Plane" to be absurd. Then, in 2016, something that was arguably much more horrifying occurred. On a flight to Montreal, a passenger was unwinding on her iPad when she abruptly felt a tickle on her leg. She felt a stab of realization as she looked down and saw it was a huge tarantula. It wasn't the only one, though, and she smacked it away from her. Two of the spiders had been brought aboard by someone who intended to keep them as pets.

In order to avoid the creepy crawlies for the remainder of the journey, people were compelled to stand on their seats. Am I the only one that is scratching? the instructions that are prohibited. I don't know about you, but every time I fly my mouth feels as parched as the Sahara Desert after approximately five minutes. However, when that crucial refreshment trolley rolls around, pause before placing your purchase. Avoid selecting tea or coffee, to be more specific. Aircraft water tanks are frequently old and contaminated with microorganisms. And since they will likely be used in tea, coffee, and perhaps ice, your drink may come with a side of disease. Gross. Despite the exorbitant prices, sticking to bottled drinks is far safer.

However, there are even more things to watch out for if you are old enough to consume alcohol. There is significantly less oxygen at 12,000 feet than there is at sea level. While the pressurized cabin guarantees your ability to breathe, you're nevertheless more likely to experience dizziness and nausea. That with a big slosh of alcohol can quickly spiral out of control.

A passenger had to be detained inside the aircraft bathroom in June 2021 after being so inebriated that he attempted to bite a member of the cabin crew. What? After a few beers, I guess, I start to feel a little peckish, but a kebab generally takes care of that.

Nevertheless, the man was given a 20-month prison term for both the assault and his inebriation. Because he would still have been in violation of the law even if he hadn't bit anyone.

Being intoxicated while flying is against the law. After hearing that tale, I can certainly understand why. Badderies. How would you respond if I told you that whenever you bring your phone on a plane with you, it could catch fire? If it has a lithium battery, which it most likely has, at least. Phones, laptops, and cameras are just a few examples of the everyday gadgets that include lithium batteries. Airlines strongly advise and occasionally demand that you retain any of these items you bring on board in your hand luggage rather than your checked luggage. Alright, but why?

In any case, lithium batteries are exceedingly flammable and sensitive to high temperatures. Not a good combination. Although it's extremely improbable, faults do occasionally occur. Additionally, anything that does catch fire will spread far more quickly since airplanes have drier air than the surrounding atmosphere.

Now, it's awful if a fire spreads inside the cabin. If the fire isn't put out quickly, smoke might quickly fill the enclosed space, and the fire itself could endanger the passengers by causing burns. However, the team at least has a chance to handle it before things get out of hand. On one trip to Shanghai in 2018, a power pack overheated and caught fire in the overhead compartment. Staff members promptly doused it in water to put it out because it was in someone's hand luggage. But if the same fire had broken out in the hold, no one could have gotten to it, and things would have gotten far worse. So, yep, make sure your phone is safely turned off before putting it in your main luggage.

My rap mixtape is the only fire that ought to be permitted on a plane. Word. influenza in flight. A little dirt would do you good, young guy, my grandma used to say. And to some extent, maybe she was correct. However, I don't believe that adage holds true for aircraft. Considering how many people are jammed into airplane cabins, there is a limited amount of air that can be circulated when everyone is breathing in and out and moving air to one another.

They do have filter systems to get rid of airborne germs, but they're not 100% efficient. There are air vents above every seat too. However, if you're anything like me, you turn those straight off so it doesn't get too cold. Well, you shouldn't. By leaving the vent open, fresh air is channeled in from outside, increasing air flow,

pushing bacteria out of your vicinity, kind of like a little force field. So, if you get cold, trust me, instead of closing the vent, just slip on a sweater. Vents open. Forcefield up, Mr. Sulu. It's germin' time. Alright, so we know flight attendants have found some truly gross things on board planes. And we also know that germs can run rampant within the enclosed space of the cabin. With that in mind, would you take your socks off and walk around barefoot? I mean, the floors have probably seen vomit, poop, and all sorts of unmentionable goo.

You must be insane, right? Evidently, some people are that insane. Even worse, they put other people's faces in the path of their soiled feet. Turning around to find these toe monsters sticking through alongside me is the grossest thing I can imagine. Seriously, doing that is not only disgusting but also extremely unclean. But that doesn't mean that the only contagious people you might run into are barefoot warriors. Oh no. Unlucky traveler happened to be seated behind this. All I want to know is why. If the hair didn't appear to be so filthy, I could be inclined to give it a strong tug.

Even so, it's still probably cleaner than the occasionally provided in-flight blankets by airlines. It seems that there is rarely enough time to thoroughly clean them all in between flights, therefore they are frequently re-used.

Yuck.If you have a snotty, drool-covered blanket draped over you, no matter how much hand sanitizer you pour on, you're still going to have a butt-ton of germs to deal with. Do you suppose the employees had time to clean the windows if they didn't have time to clean the blankets? I for one don't. Don't rest your head on those, either. Although they may not appear unclean, bacteria are tiny. And they might be growing all over your face while you sleep next to the window. Okay, I know you're weary of hearing about disgusting things by this point, but I've left the most ridiculous for last. This woman was observed using the air vents to dry her underpants.

Trust in people has been officially gone. slatted beds. I don't know about you, but Twinkies frequently fill up my hand luggage. In order to make it easy for me to stand up and grab a couple when I am hungry, I will place it in the overhead bins for the flight. However, I would get the shock of my life if I rose up and discovered someone squatting inside. Yes, it should be clear that people should not fit in the overhead bins; only luggage should.

However, it's surprising how many people still attempt to crawl into them. Even more unexpectedly, flight attendants are the main offenders. It's strange but often harmless when they do it as a sort of newcomer initiation ceremony or just for the gram.

An attendant even sat in an overhead compartment and greeted passengers as they boarded on one Southwest Airlines flight in 2019. But occasionally, it's not quite so innocent.

When a passenger's baby was scooped up and placed in one of the overhead lockers in 2011, a Virgin Blue staff was fired. Yes, you heard correctly. The attendant claimed to be only playing a game of hide and seek with the family, but the child's mother and father undoubtedly did not.

So, yes. Never put kids in luggage compartments, okay? I never imagined I'd say that. Cool. being pressed. You've spent hours in line, having your bag checked, and going through customs at the airport, and you're fatigued. All you want to do when you finally board the aircraft is fall asleep, right? I am sure I do.

But wait, you really don't want to do that—at least not right immediately. You see, when a plane takes off, the cabin's air pressure immediately changes. This causes a difference in pressure between the outside and interior of your ears, creating a vacuum that prevents your eardrums from vibrating correctly.

If you've ever felt that uncomfortable, blocked feeling, you'll be familiar with it. The good news is that yawning or swallowing will quickly repair it. These activities allow air to enter your ears' eustachian tube, which controls pressure, reducing pressure and opening the tube.

Simple. You cannot, however, do this if you are asleep. Additionally, things can quickly get out of hand if you allow the pressure to continue to rise. I'm referring to vertigo, bleeding from the nose, and possibly lifelong hearing loss. Yikes. Then you can rest as much as you like once the aircraft is securely in the air, but try to keep those sleepy eyelids open till then. Just make sure you awaken in time for the landing because when you drop, the air pressure changes once more. Jeez.

Contact Chaos.

Having a cracker in the desert is the driest thing possible. Clue: it's not my hilarious sense of humor. Actually, it's a cabin for an airplane. Fresh air must be pumped into a commercial aircraft since there are so many people within or everyone would suffocate for lack of oxygen.

However, at 30,000 feet, there is very little atmospheric moisture, so whatever air taken in is extremely dry. If you wear contact lenses, at the very least, this might be seriously harmful in addition to being uncomfortable. You see, the dry air dries out your eyes, which usually only causes discomfort.

However, it can also make the lenses tighten around them, causing your cornea, the outer layer of your eye, to rip with microscopic tears. Ouch. Therefore, if you must wear contacts while flying, make sure to pack eyedrops to treat any dryness. And never go to sleep wearing them. You can feel as though someone stuck scorching coals in your eye sockets when you awaken.

Though that might not be such a horrible alternative with some of the in-flight movies they pick to show. a standing ovation. People who applaud when a plane lands irritate me. Do people also applaud when the mail or their food is delivered at a restaurant? (Scoffing) I don't believe that. Even yet, I rather prefer applause than a large crowd of spectators standing up.

The seatbelt light has a purpose beyond aesthetics. Do not stand up when it is on. If you are in the middle of a flight, the captain has likely triggered it because they believe you are about to experience turbulence, that terrifying condition that makes you feel as though the plane is about to crash. It simply collides with air currents; it is not. However, if you're standing up, you risk being knocked to the ground.

Even when there is no turbulence and it seems like you are moving very little, you could actually be travelling at a speed of about 600 miles per hour. Therefore, you probably guessed it if the pilot has to apply the brakes for whatever reason. I'll launch you into the air. Don't do it at all. Also, refrain from clapping as you touch down. I'm going to take your free onboard peanuts.

Plane potato.

It can be tempting to doze off for the duration of a lengthy, tedious flight or perhaps watch the full "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, but neither of those activities is recommended because flights can be extremely monotonous. You may get into a lot of trouble if you remain still in a chair for hours on end. This is due to the fact that prolonged periods of inactivity can impede your body's blood flow, slowing it down or even completely halting it. It's similar to the pins and needles you've definitely experienced in the past, but it may actually get much worse. Blood cells may congregate and form clots in your legs if you don't move about, resulting in excruciating swelling. Deep vein thrombosis is a painful condition that causes this.

In the worst scenarios, you might even get a blood clot in your lungs, which is extremely severe and perhaps fatal. And you only need to be still for four pitiful hours to put yourself in danger. So the next time you fly, keep in mind to occasionally get up and move around. Just don't buckle up when the seatbelt indicator is on, okay?

Bad taste.

I know just how to make people laugh since I'm a very smart, experienced comic.(makes a flatulence noise) Definitely timeless. I'm an expert at comedy. However, some people choose to make jokes about things like terrorism and explosions since they aren't always naturally funny. Seriously. Jokes about any form of violence are not only in poor taste, but they can also have serious repercussions if you are in an airport or on an aircraft. The airport workers must take any potential threat of terrorism seriously, even if they are certain you are joking. Additionally, athletes are not immune from this restriction.

When Trevor Davis, then a receiver for the Green Bay Packers, was checking in for a flight at the Los Angeles International Airport in April 2018, a staff member asked him if he had any contraband. Davis questioned his pal if he packed the bombs after jokingly responding "yes." It is safe to say that the joke was not well received. He was taken into custody right away and accused of making a bogus bomb threat. Although the accusations were ultimately dropped, the story nevertheless serves as a warning. Make fun of farts only. Believe me, flight attendants adore those.

I'm leaving now. Okay, so there is one activity that is so obviously forbidden on aircraft that you would think no one would ever attempt it. Any guesses as to what I'm referring to? Hey, you're right if you said opening the plane door when it's in the air. However, it's true that someone attempted to do just that in July 2021.

Yep. On a trip from American Airlines to North Carolina, a passenger suddenly stood up from her seat, began assaulting the flight attendants, then ran to the front door and urgently tried to open it.

Fortunately, the cabin crew jumped on her and was able to remove her before anything serious occurred. They opted to duct tape her to her seat for the duration of the flight out of concern that she would try to do it again.

Jeez. It turned out that the woman was experiencing a mental breakdown, which is really tragic. But dang, flying on that plane has to be among the most horrifying experiences of all time. In truth, the aircraft would have been secure even if the woman had defeated the flight attendants. It's not possible for someone to open a plane door while it's in flight, despite what you may have seen in Hollywood. The interior of a plane is pressurized, which means that at high altitudes, each square foot of the door is being compressed by around 1,100 pounds of pressure.

No human being is strong enough to open a door that opens inward because you have to overcome such a great amount of pressure. That's good to know, I suppose. But as you observed, just because something is impossible doesn't mean you should try to accomplish it anyhow. On landing, you can not only end up duck-taped to a chair but also be subject to severe legal repercussions. Sounds like a fairly difficult issue, to be honest.

And with that very hilarious pun, our flight has come to an end. Among those, which one shocked you the most? Do you have any wild tales involving airplanes to share?

- [Pilot] Now that we've arrived in the comments section, please let me know there. Thank you.


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