My 10 Year High School Reunion

by Xena Warrior 11 months ago in high school

I invented post-its.

This past weekend, I attended my (dreaded) high school reunion.

The weeks and months leading up to the event were the worst I've ever experienced. I will not disclose all reasons at this time, as they are ongoing, but what I can say is that this past year has been the most emotionally draining, traumatic, and eye-opening year I've gone through.

I am the most overweight I've ever been, I had to come back to Vegas with my tail between my legs because LA had drained more than just my finances, I'm unemployed, I just had an abortion, and the shit list keeps piling. So to say that I was about to face a 10-year milestone at my lowest personal point would be an understatement. I knew that going to a high school reunion could feel like an embodiment of the phrase "I'm a glutton for punishment," but I decided to attend anyway. What pushed me to my decision was hearing a classmate say, "Don't be the person that said, 'I wish I had gone.'" Yup, that's what got me. That was a phrase I had consistently uttered or thought for years.

Surprisingly, though, I had a great time. The beginning of the night was slightly awkward, but I ran into many people I remembered... and many people I didn't. My most commonly used phrase throughout the course of the evening was, "No, who?"

Classmate: "You know Rebecca, right?"Me: "No, who?"

Classmate: "Oh yeah, my friend, Renee... you remember Renee?"Me: "No, who?"

Classmate: "Do you remember when Jason and I..."Me: "Who's Jason?"

Classmate: "He dated Sara."Me: "Which Sara?"

Classmate: "[Insert random last name here]"Me: "Who?"

Classmate: "James, the guy with the beard."Me: "Which one?"Classmate: "Next to Jordan."Me: "Who's Jordan?"Classmate: "You don't know Jordan?!"

Apparently, I lived under a rock in high school and knowing who all the popular kids were was like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which I have never done (I only recently learned all three of their names).

Before I even drove to the event, I had Amanda help me with my makeup. If I was having the shittiest year of my life, I'd be damned if I was going to show it. She helped me look amazing, which was funny because I actually got to converse with the popular GUYS that evening. Oh, the power of being a human optical illusion.

That and alcohol.

The experience was so surreal. With people I had been friends with, it was like trying to shove my past into the present. I got to be the person I was 10 years ago with all my current life circumstances. With people that I hadn't known, it was the same as socializing at any event, such as a wedding. Which, speaking of, I realize now that people are often in a rat race against each other for first to the "life accomplishment." Who was the first to get married? Who was the first to have kids? Who was the first to get their degree? Who was the first to buy a house? All these things that we were told were important. But I digress.

Was there drama? *rolls eyes* Of course, it was a high school reunion. Did I have to listen to people tell me about their awesome accomplishments while I had nothing to show in return? You bet. But I also had important conversations, I connected with people, I laughed, and I felt like the person I missed being. Honestly, combined with going to the Renaissance Fair the following day with a few people I reconnected with, it was the most fun I've had all year.

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