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Most Common Question You Can Ask in Career Counselling

Are you also the one who has recently completed his schooling? Or are you planning to make a move in your career path?

By Curo MindsPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

You are about to get clarity in your thoughts

Best Career counsellors in Jaipur are a great source to clarify your doubts when you come across a crossroads in your career or if you are planning a move in your career. One of the most crucial decisions that one has to make in his career is to make a plan or decide on his career. And for planning your career you need to take career counselling services, Career counsellors are the experts with great knowledge and interpersonal skills which help you to find a suitable career for yourself, they guide you to the best path according to your strengths and interest.

It is better to plan your things beforehand, to make the activity more effective. Here are some most common questions you can ask your career counsellor. To get better clarity on your problems.

  • How to polish up my strength?

If ever you sit in an interview. One of the questions that are asked to you is about your strength. And you are expected to answer this question well. because this way you depict that you know about yourself very well. Identifying your strength will help you choose a career you enjoy. A career counsellor will help you identify more of your strength that can help to enhance your personality. And by discussing more about your personality you can decide on ways how to improve further.

  • What are the ways to improve my weakness?

Everyone has some or the other weakness. When an interviewer asks you about your weakness you sometime turn blank or give vague answers. But that’s not what is supposed to be done. It is very important to identify your weakness and most important is to work on them. Because when you work on your weakness that only shows that you working for yourself. A career counsellor guides you very well to make necessary changes in your lifestyle or habits so that you can improve.

  • How can I build a strong profile?

With the increasing competition, it’s very important to have a strong profile to stand out in the crowd. Most of the students hold academic excellence and for these reasons, universities have started looking for the overall profile of students. And the students with records in extracurricular activities. The career counselling services help you to build a strong profile according to the career you have chosen, which will be an additional benefit for you.

  • What course should I select?

The answer to this question is not easy and the same for all, career planning is an ongoing process and it never stops. The online career counselling services help you to make a decision by first analysing your personality, strength, and weakness, and help you to land up in the right career. The counsellor are experts in their field. At CuroMinds, we cater to the different needs of students and we have experts from different domains with industry experience, which can help the student by giving them the insight into what will their future job look like if he goes for that career. Career counselling services help you to create a roadmap for yourself so that you reach your goal.

  • What should be my steps to increase my network?

Networking is one such thing that is needed in every career. And it’s never too early to start. It is your network that can help you get a nice job in your intended industry. With this online phase getting in trend, it is difficult to expand your network. But this problem solution can be given to you by your counsellor who can help you with ideas on how you can connect with people and they can even suggest ways to increase your engagement on such platforms, so that you are already ready.

  • What other career options do I have?

Once you get a session booked for career counselling it’s definite that you will get a plan for your career. But it’s always good to have option B ready with yourself, so this can be one of the important questions you should ask your career counsellor. To give you another plan other than the one decided. This will help you to switch to the plan if in case you feel that the first option is not good for me.

  • What should be my steps before the next session?

Career planning is not a one-day thing, and it should be your responsibility that you don’t hurry in the decision-making process to save yourself from failure. It’s not just plans that will help you reach your goal the implementation is another important thing that needs to be done right, so before your counselling session ends it’s important for you to ask the counsellor about the steps that you can take before your next sessions. Like if you are a student you can ask for college options, and if you are in a job you can ask for certifications that will take you towards change.

These are the most common question you can ask in your career counselling session. And if you are the one planning for a career counselling session, feel free to reach the best career counselling in Jaipur, CuroMinds. CuroMinds provide career counselling and professional counselling, to cater to the needs of different people. We have experience of 24 years in counselling and helping people move ahead in their careers.


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