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Lord of Order

Brett Riley


ISBN: 9781945501425 (hardback)


437 pages

"Wow, what a concept!" Brett Riley has written a novel entitled 'Lord of Order' that is to me a cross between thriller and horror along with science fiction. This is the story of what would happen if New Orleans were a prison city. 'Lord of Order' is a futurist novel that keeps things and ideas of the past. There are two to three groups in this story (Crusaders, Troublers, Conspirators). It is also a book of having faith in yourself and your ideals. The main characters of Gabriel, Hobbes, and Baudreaux, who are Crusaders/ Chief Troubler- Stransky who have a lot in common, but will need to work through their differences in themselves and New Orleans.

Brett Riley has written a novel that is set in the future, but has aspects of the past and present, as keeping the names of famous sites, and the characters having chores as in colonial times like gatherers and lamplighters. Professor Riley could use his novel in his courses to show comparisons and contrasts in setting and character. 'Lord of Order' has some scenes that even fans of extreme horror movies would like to see. Brett is a novelist that has the talent of showing and telling his story. He is a very illustrative writer for I could visually see them (Crusaders) building the wall and the (Troublers) chained and moaning that changed. Also, as a reader I could see all the characters faces clearly and fear the Troublers and the hubris of the Crusaders. This is a book that could let us learn to always have have a belief in one supreme leader.


Dare to Dream

Nikki Webster & Scott Webster


ISBN: 9781838750633

Nightingale Books

22 pages

'What is a dream?' A dream is what we are wishing for in hopes of it coming true at least to me that is what a dream may be. Nikki and Scott Webster have written a children's picture book about a small girl with a big dream. The main character 'Hero Girl' goes to sleep one night and dreams her dreams of many events that could happen to this 'special' little girl and her friends.

Nikki and Scott Webster have written this story to show and teach a little about diversity and acceptance of each other and our achievements. As an American reader I really like the English dialect to the story and the use of the word 'Mummy'. It didn't it hurt that I have a little British blood in me from a long time ago. The story is written to me as a poem stanza pretty much each of four lines and each using rhyme scheme to make reading this story fun and teachable to preschoolers and kindergarteners their letters and sounds. The artwork is simply beautiful and again makes the use of muted shades of various colors and dreamlike. 'Dare to Dream' is a dream and could lead to discussion with young children about their dreams and aspirations.


In The Dream House A Memoir

Carmen Maria Machado


Graywolf Press

ISBN: 978-1-64445-073-4

252 pages

What a different world she lives in presently and her past. 'In The Dream House A Memoir' by Carmen Maria Machado tells her story of a few life choices that she has made over her lifetime of living her life. Carmen made friends and lovers over her time on earth and still does and the various issues that she and her 'friends' must work their way through from their childhoods to their adulthood choices they made and make now and in the future.

'In The Dream House A Memoir' is a book that uses language for adults, but with the life that Carmen has led and is now living. This is a book that could be used by counselors and social workers, who work with the LGBT&Q communities. The footnotes were a help to further understand the choices the choices she has made and is making. 'In The Dream House' is a book of choosing a perferred lifestyle that makes one happy. It is a somewhat quick read with short journal like chapters. One recommendation I would give Carmen wasn't there another word or phrase she could have used instead of one specific four-letter word starting with 'f'. This is definitely an adult read or for college students trying to see where they fit in with making various friends and relationships.

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