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MBBS in Russia For Indian Students 2021 Twinkle Institute AB

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MBBS in Russia For Indian Students 2021

All Top Medical Universities In Russia undergraduates and postgraduates have a successful practice in more than 100 countries all across the world. The study in the field of medicine is one of the most popular study directions selected by international students at Russian medical colleges. Russian medical universities hold a rich history of training in all medical specialities. The very first top medical college in Russia, Apothecary Chancery, was established in the 17th century. At present, more than 70 Russian medical universities are providing medical education.

Higher education in the field of MBBS in Russia is only available to intra group students. The duration of medicine study depends on medical speciality the students want to pursue. For example, a bachelor’s degree in nursing care is awarded after being completed the four years of study. A surgeon’s graduation requires almost eight to nine years of study. In developed countries like the United States, medical students study for almost 12 to 18 years. Medical training lasts up to ten years of study in Great Britain and eight to ten years in Germany. A medical degree in Canada requires four years of medical study at a medical school and many more at a Best Universities In Russia For MBBS. It is followed by three to four years of internship, depending on specialisation.

In Russia, entering into a reputed medical university is possible only after finishing school. These Medical Universities in Russia offer programmes in Russian and English language. If you do not speak Russian, you can learn it through preparatory classes or take a Russian language course at leading Russian medical universities. Along with learning to speak Russian language, preparatory departments train Indian and other international students in other subjects to help them learn better for their future study.

Expected Indian medical students must ensure that they have been guided fully and correct information about the Russian medical university including tuition and other fees/facilities, the curriculum of the course, the medium of instructions/ teaching, availability of hostel facilities/ accommodation, and monthly living expenses. A copy of the Indian MBBS syllabus according to the Graduate Medical Regulation may be obtained by students so that they can compare the same in the circumstances of their training at the Russia Medical College.

It has come in consideration that Russian medical institutions were conducting proper admission tests after the students came to Russia and in some instances, students have been contradicting admission for reasons including lack of all important documentation also their late arrival, even after issuance of visa to them.

There ate also student contractors who get large commissions for engaging students. It is, therefore, in the interests of approaching students to make enquiries about the medical institutions in Russia about all courses and facilities they are providing before signing a contract with a particular educational consultant. Engaging medical students may also make sure the number of tuition fees to be deposited to avoid any misunderstanding on this course. It is strongly advised that Indian students discover these facts before signing any kind of agreement with educational consultants.

There is also publicity in India about English medium courses in medical studies in the Russian medical colleges. This is not appropriate to mention. The medium of instruction in Russian medical institutions is mostly the local language. A special license has been required by medical institutions to teach in the English language. In practice, few medical institutions in Russia try to teach the first three years in English medium while simultaneously teaching the Russian language alongside. From the fourth year, students are expected to study in the Russian language as they are being taught. Students must be prepared for this dual medium of instruction to interact with patients in hospitals. Some medical institutions which claim to have the dual medium of instruction do have requisite faculty on large scale to teach in English even for the first three years. Please note few English books on medicine are available in Russia medical institute library and some cases, education consultants were providing the same. Although contractors ask for the consultancy charges from students for the first semester before their arrival in Russia. There is a various number of complaints regarding the agents who are collecting money and not depositing it with the respective university which has led to the termination of student’s admission. Most of the Russian medical universities do not accept money in the form of cheques or drafts and money has to be deposited in cash in the bank. If Indian students bring cash in dollar or any other acceptable foreign currency, it is being advised to get it declared in the practice at the airport on arrival which makes it uncomplicated for depositing the money directly into their accounts. Russian medical institutions generally do not refund tuition fees once it is deposited even if a student has to leave the institution in which they are enrolled.

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