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Lie or Truth

Can you tell?

By C S.Published 4 months ago 4 min read
Lie or Truth
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Who can tell the truth from a lie? I can't, I fail over and over, for the same lie's! Or is it a fib? You want to be able to rely on other peoples thoughts. Because you want there in put to help you make good decisions in your life. They want the feeling of respect that you give to them by asking them.

But when you take what they say. As answers to your inquiries can you rely on it? Would I feel better, if I didn't ask them? In todays social times, those moments that we get to talk to others and interact are so few.

And very needed by us mentality and physicality. So everyday when you smile at someone that is just so normal, to you. You don't realize you are doing it anymore. It is a form of communication a jester in acknowledgement of other people.

Still not sure why we lie so much to each other and to ourself. But it is a given anymore. The phone rings what is one of your first thought's telemarketer? Why? Someone said you look nice today dose that mean at other days you don't? First thought right?

Telemarketers, Salesmen, Teachers, Television, Politicians, Doctor, Dads, Mom's, Churches Sisters, Brothers, Children Friends. I will start here.

Telemarketer: What do they want? Everything you have of course. They want what they think you have. No matter the cost to you. This is our world these days. They think themselves poor and you rich because of the next contributor.

Television: It shows' homes and lives that most people could wish for but don't in fact have. Most of what, people do see dose not really exist! Fancy cars Jobs pools that everyone would want. Most of it is just lies. What about all the slums in the big city and homeless? There not on television when when the films are being made.

Just to be able to live with hot, and cool air, clean water and rent or buying a home is no different. From place to place yes the politics may differ but most people live in run down homes. Bills behinds yes even in America fresh water can not always be in our sinks, The roof over your head more then likely leaks. Most Apartment's house and more then not have rats, mice, bug, smell of old left over foods and even people waste.

Salesmen: Are just that, they sale things, and places. Your statement I saw that on television. You want it because everyone else has one. That is what the salesman told you? He can get you one for a really good price for just $$. It can be yours. But did you really need one? Oh yes you do. Just doing my job here this is how he or she makes money to support there life's. They probably don't even like the job. What he or she may not enjoy doing the job it pays the bills right and family's benefit from it.

Teachers: They most of them like to share wonderment in learning. But like the rest of us relies on the things around them to be aids. Television, Computers, Books and People. So there in are the lies, the Questions. What is the solation to the problem. Is it a problem? We have been thought from the get go by those around us to try to better our self's right. If you work hard at it we can achieve almost anything right?

Politicians: Leaders among men people who will stand up for others. Ok these people think they can bring change to the governing party and sometimes do. Be it for the good or bad of things. But like everyone else we relied on Television, Computers , books and other peoples thoughts and opinions.

Doctors: Someone who we go too with physical and mental problems. Someone who studies books, uses the computer and watch tv programs to better educate them self's so they can help others.

Church: A following based on a book that was not written until many years after the 1st said events. Eye witness accounts that were passed down throw many generations of people before the first learning of the written word. I am not say that the base concept is not correct. But question some of the other things that we associate with them. As I am sure things were changed to suit the time and thought based on era beliefs. At the time thing's were written down. Police quote you can't always rely on eye witness on what they saw and heard. Because of the people factor.







I think I will let the rest of my topic's blank! Pick one if you wish add your ideals and comment's. Thought's on lie or truth experience's and why you believe what you do. The more we know the less we really understand.


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