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Let Tomorrow Bear Witness

by NatalieMarmol 4 months ago in student
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I wrote this essay at the age of 18. Will I laugh at my poor writing at this time twenty years later or will I be stirred to infinite thoughts by the memories of the past

Let Tomorrow Bear Witness
Photo by Robert Anasch on Unsplash

I wrote this essay at the age of 18. Will I laugh at my poor writing at this time twenty years later or will I be stirred to infinite thoughts by the memories of the past?

How tired you once were of school uniforms, homework, and teachers? Now you should be eager to go back to those carefree, innocent, and simple times. Compared to society with its dark waves, school is so much more pleasant and breezy. But you can't stop there and get caught up in the memories because of a momentary difficulty. Now you can not, you can only continue to move forward to explore the path of society to achieve middle-aged. Are there a lot of grievances and can not say it as you wish? Is it the unspoken rules of society that make you tired? Do you feel that you can not do anything smoothly? It does not matter, you must cheer, can not give up! For the sake of your future life, to meet that better him.

Think about it, when you finally put on the adult clothes you dreamed of since you were a kid, but you can't help but pick up the school uniforms that you feel ugly and boring now, and smell the simple taste on the clothes. The brand name on the body is not decent, full of the smell of money, but it is not as secure as the school uniform that cotton material wear. Please remember, don't forget the original intention! Adhering to the principles of "health", "honesty", "friendliness" and "hard work", don't let the evil spirit infect you. Don't let the lure of money blind you ......

In this prosperous society, you may never know whether it's peachy luck or an abyss behind you, and you can't predict what will happen in the next second. Everyone may become the envy of the king or may fall a prisoner. Sometimes I feel that my existence is meaningless. Confused, looking at their goal is so far away and so close, as if they were climbing a snowy mountain - the scenery along the way is a real beauty, so you have to distract by that temptation. But I do not know that the more attractive the scenery on the road, the more you can indulge in comfort, stop, and do not want to move forward. When you want to wake up and move forward, you find that there is too much snow under your feet, and even if you spend the same amount of effort as others, you can only stay where you are.

Lazy people don't rely on hard work to get success, they are used to being lazy and sitting on their laurels. Let a lazy person go out and do something, he will find countless excuses to escape. When a person has countless excuses to escape, there are countless excuses to excuse themselves, he will eventually achieve nothing. You may have worked hard but did not receive the results, please remember that this is only temporary, the heavens may treat the hardworking, but also the heavens will not drop the pie, this is the survival of the fittest in society, right?

I don't know today what will happen tomorrow, I only know that excellent thoughts and actions never produce bad results, and despicable thoughts and actions never produce good results. Any limitation starts from within. If there is a mountain, there is a road, and if there is a river, it can be crossed. The will is like a mountain, the path is like water, as firm as the mountain, as long as the water.

Time is fair, remembering that once you were so stupid - let time go, it is still ridiculous. The curve of the time wave will always creep up on everyone's forehead, some people get pearls, some people get gravel.

Curious to read this letter in the future, what do I look like? I hope you can face every day with a smile, fearless of difficulties, whether you are mediocre or rich, as long as you live a happy life and do not forget the original intention, everything is the best arrangement.


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