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Learners: children with developed right brains have these 4 characteristics

Brain Development

By Flagler DanzigPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

I once had a wish: my baby must be good at math in the future because my math is too inferior and I don't want my child to follow in my footsteps.

So I paid special attention to my child's brain development, I also went to research, many parents are in children can go to the next level, and do all kinds of "training", and even spend a lot of money to send children to "brain development" training classes. Only to find that the child is not as smart as before.

This happens because we are not sure where the focus of the child's brain development is.

Richard, a professor of child psychology at Harvard University, found that the focus of children's brain development is actually on the right side of the brain after a large amount of data summary.

In our vernacular, this means that right brain development is important if you want your child to have a high IQ.

Why is the right brain the center of gravity? It all depends on two distinctive features of the right brain.

1. For its reasons

Research has confirmed that the storage capacity of the right brain is 10,000 times greater than that of the left brain. This is because the right brain contains a large number of neuronal synapses and brain sulci, making the right brain have a larger area of cerebral cortex than the left brain.

In contrast, the storage capacity of the right brain is larger than that of the left brain. Developing the right brain will increase the child's memory, allowing the child to remember more things, and the learning effect will naturally improve.

2. Correlation with Intelligence

The left brain is rational, right brain perceptual, this sentence is the best description of the right and left brain of the child, many parents think that the development of a rational brain is vital, a person is only rational, and no perceptual people will be a do not know how to adapt, rigid and hard.

That's why we put a lot of effort into it, but our children are still mediocre!

How important is it to develop the right brain?

Research has found that a child's IQ depends mainly on whether the right brain is well developed, and if parents can reasonably develop their children's right brain, their IQ will naturally be higher.


What's more, the storage capacity of the right brain can reach one million times that of the left brain! This shows how important the right brain is the key to promoting the development of the child's brain, two children at the same time to remember a thing, the right brain developed children will be able to quickly remember, while the other will take a long time, the gap between the children is so open.

The investigation found: children have these 4 characteristics, indicating that the right brain is very developed, is a good seedling of the schoolmaster

1, rich imagination

From the above, we know that the right brain dominates the human imagination, the right brain developed children have a rich imagination, and these children's thinking is extremely active, from childhood to the surrounding things have a different perception of ordinary people, the idea is always unpredictable so that parents feel puzzled.

2, active thinking

Want to go to the sky, want to dive anthill, children their thinking jump than we have to be much faster.

Usually like to play children's minds are very active, such as children love to play games, and play games easily but to play the game to play fine, and play well is not an easy task. Observing the school bully around you will find that in addition to learning as their strong point, other areas also have more outstanding performance.

For example, Wu Yushin and Wu Yushin were guaranteed to be sent to Tsinghua, and their biggest trait is "active thinking and love of research". The habit of thinking and researching from a young age has laid a solid foundation for becoming an academic in the future.


3、Have a strong memory

Generally in the child's 3 to 6 years of age, this stage will be called the golden stage, parents are advised to train more children to remember the knowledge of the ability, but also to help children develop their brains.

The right brain represents "image memory". This method of memory prolongs the validity of memory and enables frequent recall, which is evidence of a well-developed right brain. If a child has an extraordinary memory, it means that he or she will have a great advantage in future studies. What parents should do is help their children exercise this talent.

Data shows that the memory storage capacity of the right brain is 10,000 times higher than that of the left brain. The cortical areas of the brain give the right brain more room to move. The strength of memory is also related to the development of the child's right brain.

4. Strong observation power

A child with more developed left-brain thinking will be significantly less observant. But the right brain thinking is more developed in children, his observation ability will be very strong.

Usually always a very careful observation of things around him, many parents have not noticed the details, but he will observe. Observation is a distinctive feature of a child's right brain development, and it is also the basis for a child to have strong creativity and memory skills.

Montessori, an Italian expert in early childhood education, proposes that the child's 1-6 years stage is a detail-sensitive period. Children at this stage are masters at capturing details, and children are keenly observing their surroundings all the time. It is a great time to develop children's observation and concentration and is the beginning of their attention development.

Children have an instinctive curiosity and a fondness for observing tiny things such as moving ants, veins on fallen leaves, and dewdrops on flower petals, thus growing in insight and developing strong powers of observation and concentration.

The initial desire for exploration that emerges at an early age through exposure to nature is the path to a generation of scientific giants."

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