JCT Contracts Guide

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Contract guidance

JCT Contracts Guide

JCT contracts establish a standard form of building contracts in the construction industry. The skill to develop a JCT contract for a project highlights the individual's skills in contract management. The primary purpose of the JCT contract is to avoid disputes in the project. Compared to a non-standard form arrangement, the JCT contracts save more time for the client and the contractor conducting the project. To develop a standard form of contracts, a construction manager—or any individual who is assigned to manage and handle contract work in the field—should possess the knowledge and skill to develop a JCT contract for it to be effective. Learning the procedures to manage the contracts will add benefit to the individual’s skill set while pursuing career developments.

Learning About JCT Contracts Through CPD Courses

When a candidate pursues the path of becoming a member of the CIOB, there are few requirements a candidate should fulfill before obtaining the qualification. The Chartered Institute of Building provides construction management qualifications which offer recognition to a candidate in an international setting. There are many routes a candidate can follow to obtain the MCIOB qualifications. A candidate can choose a path which is suitable for him or her, and continue their education in the construction field. One of the CIOB’s essential requirements is Continuous Professional Development (CPD). CPD courses help a candidate to keep progressing in the industry with professional skills and knowledge. Each candidate pursuing the MCIOB should complete the CPD hours required to complete the assessment of Chartered Membership. Courses such as Construction Disputes and Avoidance and Risk Management can be beneficial for a candidate pursuing career options in the construction management field, and a candidate can also learn about JCT contracts and how to develop them through CPD courses provided by online colleges.

Benefits of Online Courses

The CIOB accredits many training centres, online colleges, and other institutes to provide their courses for students and professionals all around the world. The College of Contract Management is among the accredited colleges offering Site Manager Course and CIOB Level 3 Diploma in Site Supervisory courses, through live online lectures. These online courses open up an opportunity to become MCIOB. Along with the accredited qualifications, the candidate can complete a CPD course on JCT Contracts to fulfill the CPD hours requirements stipulated by the CIOB. An advantage of studying the course through online colleges is that the candidate can continue to work in the field, and gain knowledge and skills. Many professionals in the UK recommend online courses for construction professionals and students who desire to acquire an official status in the industry. The benefits of online classes are not limited to just one. However, there are other benefits, such as it being a cost-effective way of studying, there being no travel cost, that candidates can schedule their studying to fit in with their daily schedule, that they can continue working in the field and gain the experience through learning, and that they can study from anywhere around the world. These benefits help an individual to progress in the construction management field and become a Chartered Member of the CIOB. A candidate can also complete the JTC Contract CPD course through online courses, and achieve the certificate to develop a standard form of contract.

Opportunities for Candidates

When a candidate is able to to develop a JCT contract, along with controlling the construction disputes and risks, there are many career opportunities the individual can receive. The construction industry demands skilled professionals who can successfully manage a project, and increase the organization’s profits. The skills gained through the CPD courses and acquiring the MCIOB status will bring benefits such as higher salaries, professional status in the industry, more senior roles, and international recognition in the construction industry. Nowadays, many construction companies use the standard form of JCT Contracts while planning a project, so they can avoid problems and save time and unnecessary costs. The precise terms and conditions stated in the agreement involving the people responsible for the work duties will help the contractors and clients to conduct the project without any further delays or risk. The contract also supports the construction team to run the project smoothly without having to wait for instructions and delays.

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