Is University Worth It?

If you're thinking of going to university, then give this a quick read.

Is University Worth It?

The question of "Is university right for me?" has never been asked more than it is today. And for good reason. We live in a world where half the experts say you will never get anywhere without a degree, while the other half say it will be the biggest waste of time in your life. So the question has to arise, who's right?

I guess for me the answer lies in what you want to pursue. If you want to be a doctor, then I doubt you will get far with a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GSCE) in physical education. The same goes for other professions such as Solicitors and the likes. But what if the degree you are interested in isn't necessary for your chosen career?

In my opinion if the degree is too broad, as an example sports journalism, then is it going to actually help you in the future? With uni graduates failing to secure the jobs they wanted, could this be a contributing factor?

In 2017, studies showed that the unemployment rate for university graduates had been the lowest since 1989. But why? I believe the reason lies in the young people that opted out of furthering their education. By the time you get out of university, your friends that took the other path already have four years experience in their respective industries. Speaking to many managers of different industries over the years, they have all came to the same conclusion. If they had two final applicants for a position, one a university graduate and the other a worker with 4 years previous experience, then they would choose the experience. Instantly making the degree they worked so hard to achieve, obsolete.

But could the fault also be in the culture we are in today, where you can get a degree in just about anything. These days you can get a degree anywhere between surfing and the fictional world of harry potter. Personally, if you participate in a degree like this then you deserve to be unemployed.

However, as mentioned earlier. For the higher paid positions, you wouldn't even get an interview without one. So that is always something to keep in mind. Take a doctor for example, according to figures from 2017, the most junior position has a starting salary of £26,614. And then after just one year this increases to £30,805. These figures are based on a 40 hour week and we all know a doctors job is not 9 till 5, but they are paid for any additional hours they do. Meaning they are left with a sizable wage packet, considering the average earnings in the UK are reportedly £27,271.

So when all is said and done; what do you think? I thought about sitting here and going really in depth with this article and whacking out the statistics but who wants to hear what we are already being told. Personally, if you want to be a doctor or a teacher, then go and get your degree. No questions asked. But if your thinking of getting a bog standard degree such as fashion bags and accessories, that is available at the University of the London arts, or in surfing which is now available at Cornwall College. Then I would suggest you steer well away before you waste the valuable years of youth we have so little of.

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