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Is Salesforce Admin a Good Career | Reasons to Choose it as a Career Option

Reasons to Choose Salesforce Admin as a Career Option

By QuantoKnack TrainingPublished about a month ago 4 min read

Salesforce has accepted itself as a renowned platform in CRM, enhancing the demand for Salesforce Administrators. In case you are considering stepping into this Salesforce admin role, one of the key aspects you might be peculiar about is the Salesforce admin certification cost, salesforce admin roles and responsibilities, and much more.

The Salesforce Certification will demonstrate a professional’s ability to handle the administrative duties of a firm’s Salesforce instance. It validates that the individual can certainly contribute to the firm’s expansion and success. Explore details related to Salesforce Certified Administrator here.

What is Salesforce Admin Certification?

A Salesforce Administrator Certification is a person who has passed a certifying exam and is qualified to function as an advisor for getting the most out of the Salesforce CRM platform. Salesforce administrators usually work with company stakeholders to modify the platform, support users within the organization, and build a connection between business and technology.

Being a salesforce Administrator, you can be an essential asset to a firm, by offering your services as a trusted advisor for how the platform works and enabling teams to access data and accomplish business processes easily. Moreover, to learn how to start a Salesforce admin career you can get through the Salesforce Admin Training Program.

Skills Required to be a Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce admins skills are the abilities that enable an administration expert to use Salesforce to perform multiple CRM tasks efficiently. Salesforce administrators require a variety of technical skills, which include specialized knowledge of and expertise in Salesforce and its multiple abilities.

Furthermore, they also require a few soft skills, which allow them to engage and manage the sales team efficiently. Whereas, your skillset to be a Salesforce administrator should include Dashboard, Salesforce lightning, Apex, Workflow rules, data manipulation, and many more in your resume.

Aspiring to be a salesforce admin you should be aware of the skillset and understand how to enhance and highlight them to respective employers. Moreover, to know how to be a Salesforce administrator you can take Salesforce Admin Training.

Salesforce Certification Cost

There is a wide range of Salesforce Certifications available in the market. The cost of Salesforce Certification usually ranges between $200 - $400. Moreover, among all Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) Certification is the most expensive exam which costs you approximately $6000. Furthermore, you can get more information about Salesforce Admin Training Courses are maintained by industry professionals to help you pass the Salesforce Admin Training and Certification Exam successfully.

Why should you choose Salesforce Admin as a Career Choice in 2024?

Here we have stated a few reasons to choose Salesforce Admin as a career choice in 2024:

High Demand - One of the main reasons Salesforce administrators can be considered a good career choice as there is an increase in demand in the global market. Every industry, whether it is textile or hospitality, requires customer support the most, and the role of an admin in CRM becomes indispensable in that domain. Especially after the pandemic, the demand for Salesforce admin has increased rapidly as the entire work-from-office culture relocated to work-from-home. The admins managed and handled the company’s workforce and client story and made it run efficiently. So undoubtedly, Salesforce Administrator is a good career.

Better Job Offers - The various work opportunities that a professional can get if they receive their Salesforce Administrator Certification is one of the main reasons why the Salesforce Admin Certification is so in demand right now. The Salary of a Salesforce Administrator is usually around $6000 -$7000 per year, based on the sources to Glassdoor.

Lot of Opportunities - In case you want to be in a Salesforce ecosystem, you should first pass the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam. Being an Admin, you will have a variety of job opportunities to be found once you enter the Salesforce Ecosystem. It offers almost 40+ certifications. Following the Salesforce Career Path you may advance your career from being an admin to a developer or any other role.

Strong Career Base - A Salesforce Administrator is considered the most demanding career position. Especially after the pandemic, there has been a huge surge in the requirement for administrators. Salesforce Administrators 201 certification is one of the most outstanding qualifications you can pursue if you want a salesforce career.

Stay updated - The main thing for Salesforce Certifications is renewing the certificates based on their regulations. The platform’s policies, which are rapidly updated for the platform’s enhancement and smooth operation, have been taken into consideration while introducing this regulation. Every professional who gets certified from Salesforce, whether an administrator or a developer, must renew their certification once every year.


Salesforce Administrator Certification is perfect for beginners to get introduced to the Salesforce ecosystem. Although it is proportionally simple to achieve compared to the other Salesforce certifications, it is nevertheless easy to achieve. Moreover, to be a successful salesforce admin you should get proper training from a reliable source. You can get Salesforce Admin or Salesforce Developer Certification Training from QuantoKnack Training at an affordable cost. The training programs here are suitable for entry-level and experienced IT professionals who are looking to enhance their skills or learn a new technology and get Certified.


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