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"Is it a trap or a guarantee to enter a prestigious university with low scores?

Distinguishing the pros and cons is the key

By 肖湾Published 9 months ago 4 min read
"Is it a trap or a guarantee to enter a prestigious university with low scores?
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People often say that college entrance examination is an examination that changes students' fate. Those who do well in the examination will have a better future and development; those who do not do well in the examination will have to be overshadowed and struggle again from the beginning; everyone wants to take a famous school, so a kind of school has been born - Sino-foreign cooperative institutions. With the importance people attach to colleges and universities, many parents are committed to sending their children to good schools, but the requirements of college entrance exams are relatively harsh, and prestigious schools are based on admission scores, so students with bad grades have almost no chance, but the emergence of Sino-foreign cooperative institutions solves this problem.

What is a Chinese-foreign cooperative institution? The first is the "2+2", the second is the "4+0", and the third is the "2+2". There are three types of joint institutions, one is "2+2", one is "4+0", and one is "3+1". The other is the entrance examination held by the school, after passing which the students can get the diploma of the foreign institution. So students should be clear when they take the exam organized by the school, your education is not recognized by domestic companies, so even if you go to study in a Sino-foreign joint office, but the domestic education is still a high school degree. What are the reasons why Sino-foreign joint universities are cold in the 2020 college entrance examination? After the end of this year's application, the scores of Sino-foreign joint institutions fell significantly, the number of applicants is very different from previous years; in fact, the reason is also related to this year's college entrance examination.

The reason for the delay is that the epidemic has delayed the college entrance exam for a month, and the world has been affected, for the sake of the students' health, parents do not dare to enroll their children in Sino-foreign cooperative institutions; because the families enrolling in Sino-foreign joint universities are mainly for their children to study abroad, since there is no intention to go abroad, many people will give up this choice, thus giving their children to choose other institutions to study. study.

2. The tuition fees of joint schools are getting higher and higher. The entrance examination scores of joint schools are not high, but as more and more people apply for them, the tuition fees are getting higher and higher. With the rise in tuition fees at Sino-foreign joint schools, many families cannot afford this cost, especially with the implementation of the second child, many families are under more financial pressure and many have given up enrolling in Sino-foreign joint institutions. Some of the tuition fees for joint schools reach more than 300,000 a year, which ordinary families cannot afford.

3. The social recognition of Sino-foreign joint institutions in China is not high. Although the Sino-foreign joint institutions are recognized by the state, but the social recognition is not high, many enterprises think that the students in these institutions are mixed education, and there is no real talent; and many Sino-foreign joint institutions, there is no development in small cities, and the first-tier cities are not the choice of these students, so the cost of applying for the The value for money is actually not too high.

4. Many students who apply for joint universities in China and abroad are going to apply for postgraduate studies abroad, and the students are more likely to apply for a few categories; however, if the students want to apply for domestic postgraduate studies, they will be more affected. In general, domestic universities, especially the famous ones, have guaranteed graduate school places, but Sino-foreign joint institutions do not have guaranteed graduate school places, only very occasionally will they have this place, many students want to take the domestic graduate school, the competitive pressure will be greater; and for the students of Sino-foreign joint institutions, when they are preparing for graduate school at home, they are still going to school abroad, the preparation time and procedures will be more The time and procedure of preparation will be more troublesome and affected too much, so after comprehensive consideration, it is better to choose other institutions that are more in line with the long-term development plan of students.

Is it worthwhile to apply to a Sino-foreign consortium? The admission score of Sino-foreign joint institutions is low, but the tuition fee is high, so it is suitable for families with better conditions to apply; because they have higher ability to bear the risk, even if they can't go abroad, students have other ways out; but for families of average means it is not worth to apply; after all, most of the choices are to stay in the domestic life, the cost of going out for two years is too big, and the input and return are not proportional, so there is no need to apply. There is no need to apply for the exam.

For the average family, if the score is not enough, try to choose a private university or college, the employment of professional colleges and universities is still good, students as long as the use of good college time, find a good job is not difficult. In fact, whether it is a joint university or some other domestic institutions, or the personal ability of the student dominates the part; only by making good use of the time in college and enriching their minds, they can be more popular at the time of graduation. Although Sino-foreign joint universities are low-scoring institutions, they are not suitable for all people to apply, and candidates must investigate clearly before applying, so as not to affect their own schooling and employment.


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