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Indonesia Automotive Refinish Coatings: Types & Drivers

Indonesia Automotive Refinish Coatings Market

By DIVYANSH MISHRAPublished 2 years ago 2 min read

There is a higher chance of a vehicle sustaining damage from wear and tear or an accident when more vehicles clog the roads, and more miles are driven. Automotive refinish coatings are important in Indonesia for restoring damaged cars to their former beauty and ensuring they continue to look brand new.

Automotive body shops and repair facilities employ polyurethane, acrylic, or alkyd-based coatings as automotive refinish coatings. These coatings are sprayed on new and used passenger and commercial cars to cover up body damage brought on by high temperatures, collisions, and stone contact.

Primer, filler, topcoat, basecoat, and activator or hardener coatings are a few of the often used refinish coatings. Although the Indonesian automotive refinish coatings industry is predicted to expand, several significant issues and trends repair facilities and coating producers must deal with must.

Automotive Refinish Coating Formulation

Customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of automotive refinishing that never changes. A high-quality, completely optimized coating product is one approach to guarantee satisfaction, and creating a high-quality coating begins with the formulation. Primer, base coat, and top coat are the components of most automobile coating systems.


Modern autos employ a lot of lightweight polymers that are hard to stick to. To achieve appropriate adhesion, primers are utilized to prepare a surface for a coating.

Such formulations frequently include a solvent, a binder resin, and additives to increase surface and wetting area. A primer system's binder resin has to have the ability to adhere to low-energy surfaces and increase surface energy for future coatings.


Most people envision a base coat when they think about automobile paint. The basecoat is what gives an automotive paint system its color. A binder resin, solvent, pigments or pigment dispersions, and additives to enhance wetting and leveling make up a basecoat composition.

To produce a base coat of the highest caliber, it is essential to ensure optimum pigment wetting and appropriate pigment orientation.


The top coat protects the lovely paintwork after the base coat. Over a basecoat, topcoats or lacquers are often applied. These hard, glossy coatings are resistant to chemicals, moisture, abrasion, UV, and temperature.

Again, solvent, a binder resin, and wetting/leveling aids make up a standard topcoat recipe. To achieve a long-lasting automobile, refinish coating system, the binder resins for a topcoat must have excellent durability.

Driving Factors Are:

The main variables influencing demand for automobiles to refinish coatings in Indonesia include:

Rising disposable income.

An increase in the frequency of vehicle crashes.

Surge in the average age of car.

The local demographics' buying power has risen due to the economic recovery and rapid growth in disposable income.

Along with the increasing acceptance of automotive refinish coatings, many distinct items have also been launched in Indonesia. As a result, the need for these coatings will increase in the next years because of these characteristics and the huge volume of car demand.


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