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by sravya 8 months ago in courses
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1. 24/7 Online Presence: A Website is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. If a customer wants to buy an product of an industry then he will require some information about that product which he will get through the website of that industry anytime suits him.

2. Accessibility:Accessibility of any business grows largely due to the presence of website, as a website can be accessed from any corner of the world. So Websites makes it easier for businesses to break geographical barriers. Having website also enables business to have large market area.

3. Information:Websites helps in providing great information about different things. For Example: Any Student who is looking for admission in college, he first goes through different college websites for getting details about college and then visits some college for further details.

4. Decision Making:For products selling website, by displaying product catalogs, product features and comparisons the customer can get a lot of information through any website. In todays world, customers make purchasing decision by seeing information online.

5. Good Revenue driver:A good designed website can become a revenue driver: There are various ways to sell products online. If you have a nicely designed website which can garner the interest of users and also creates trust in the user then the user will be ready to buy your products which leads to a great revenue driver.

6. Less expensive option: Online advertisements are very costly when compared to other types of promotions. If you have a website than it helps you reach large number of users without spending much money.

7. Competition: For a business if you don’t have a website but your competitor has. This will lead you to miss out on many opportunities and your competitor will garner an edge over you.

8. Business Credibility: In every business a online presence is required, and a website is a very good option for business to have online presence as good websites garners users trust and through this user will develop a good credulity of that business.

9. Communication: Websites provide good communication between users and company. Websites makes relation between the user and the owner good which helps in companies revenues.

10. Customer Services: Websites provides customers services to an customer at home. The user does not need to visit any customer service office. It also resolves all the doubts of user very fastly. Its more beneficial as it is available 24 hours.

11. Makes User Engage: For any business to grow they will need users to engage into themselves as there are many options available online so engaging a user is very important part for any business and having a good informative and nicely designed websites makes it easier for people to get engaged to you.

12. Marketing:For the expansion of any business marketing plays a very important role. Having a website makes it very easy to spread a word about any business. Through website anybody can see check about you thus creating a good marketing.

13. Freelancing: Through Websites people can start their own work because of which they are not dependent on anyone. Through websites people are able to make good money by just sitting at their home. So Website provides a good platform for freelancing.

Every Business needs good marketing and having a website is very good for marketing as it is accessible anywhere at anytime and provides good reach to any business.Having a website will help your customers to have you in mind when they are looking some services that you also provide. It is a very powerful tool to create an edge over your competition. Therefore, Websites plays a very important role for any business. Through websites student are also able to get great learnings as they have various of option on their side to find good learning contents for themselves. For every work, Website has become a must and is a great medium for doing any work.

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