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How to find the best student accommodation in Wrexham, Wales?

by Shubham Agarwal 4 months ago in travel
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Student accommodation in Wrexham

Wrexham county is a massive market town situated in the countryside of Northeastern Wales in England. As bizarre as the town name sounds, one will also be surprised to know that a large number of students, all across the globe, travel to this tiny, beautiful town for pursuing higher studies. This is because the great Glyndwr University attracts both domestic and international students, throughout the year. In this article, we shall venture into the myriad of places to explore in a town that goes unnoticed by nearly every tourist, the student life in Wrexham and how one can find an ideal accommodation for themselves during their studies.

The town of Wrexham County and everything a student can explore here!

Wrexham county is located between the Dee Valley and the spectacular Welsh mountains. It also shares its border with Cheshire, a prominent English city. Wrexham Baths is a popular spot among historians and archaeologists - it was constructed in 1966 with reinforced concrete and has a shape of that of a hyperbolic paraboloid. Besides, there is the Waterworld Wrexham, an easy and fun getaway for students. It was personally opened by the Queen of England in 1998 after all the swimming pools/baths of the town underwent major refurbishment.

Another well known tourist attraction is the Parish Church of St. Giles. One will most definitely be enchanted by the 16th century gothic architecture of the Parish Church. It is the biggest medieval church in Wales and its bell tower almost seems to hug the skyline. A place open throughout the year for visitors to admire, one can even climb up to the roof of the church to catch a glimpse of the bird’s eye view. South of the tower lies the large stretch of grounds from where you can view the Elihu Yale, a renowned philanthropist.

Then comes the 1200 acres of land housing 18th century majestic chambers and gardens amidst the historic house, namely Erddig. Here, students can explore the humongous array of traditional markets, the people friendly Cider Festival and a broadly spoken about Woodland Classroom with lessons on nature for all age groups.

If you’re an animal lover and passionate about photography, the Nant Mill Country Park will be of enormous interest to you. It’s a beautiful ancient wonderland where varieties of animals inhabit. What’s more? Just a short walk from the park and you will be welcomed by the soft breeze and warm smell of a beautiful waterfall present here.

Academics and life at the Glyndwr University

Wrexham Glyndwr University is a public research university in Wales offering undergraduate, postgraduate and professional degrees to students all over the world. It has approximately 6000 students and is known for its excellence in research and innovations worldwide. Graduates from this school have an overwhelmingly high employability rate, one of the reasons why Glyndwr continues scoring fairly well among higher education institutions in the whole of North Wales.

The university campus is lush green and vibrant with amiable faculty members and an overall ethnically diverse environment. The place concentrates on developing student skills and inspiring them to furnish their expertise in a plethora of fields. Alumni of this university speaks highly of its brilliant career opportunities and the student gratification that it offers. In addition, the university has three campuses all over the state, namely Wrexham (the main campus), Northop and St Asaph.

Apart from its prestigious academics, the school is known for its co-curricular activities and the assurance of a good quality university life to students both domestic and overseas alike. There are dedicated courses for social & community services and sports which without a shadow of doubt, speaks volumes about the popularity of an educational institution. Besides, a remarkable assortment of subjects and courses are available here which can suit a candidate’s preference and passion. Some of them are animal science, art & design, criminology & policing, psychology & counselling, nursing & allied health, linguistics, media and so much more.

Finding the right place to stay as a student in Wrexham

Student accommodation Wrexham is budget friendly, trustworthy and offers 100% free service plus 24x7 emergency support. The properties are located in the heart of the town with lavish facilities. There are diverse rooms available here ranging from studio apartments to double or triple sharing and even private suites. Even though a few amenities vary from one property to another here and there, the basic facilities are the same everywhere. They are inclusive of furnished rooms with expansive wardrobe space, private or shared en-suite bathrooms with shower area, common & dining space, games & activities room, fully equipped kitchen with modern appliances, gas, electricity and unlimited Wi-Fi usage.

Therefore, before everything else, decide what course you’d like to pursue for higher learning and then dive straight into student accommodation Wrexham to experience a seamless student life!


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