How to enhance the score of QUANTS SECTION of BANK PO Exams?

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How to enhance the score of QUANTS SECTION of BANK PO Exams?
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In the process of making a golden career in the competitive world, one needs to face the heat of struggle. In India, the competitive exams offers ample prospects but one has to face millions of contenders to get the dream job. Generally speaking, there are two key sectors which proffer worthwhile jobs, one is Government Sector and the other one is Banking Sector. Every year IBPS, SBI, and RBI are some bank exam bodies conducting various exams to employ candidates for the Banking Sector.

Generally speaking it has been pragmatic that students find quantitative aptitude section to be the difficult one. It needs a lot of practice and exactitude of concepts before practicing any mock or topic test. To conquer this confront, it is always worthwhile to discreetly select the questions and then solve them systematically with appropriate logics.

To qualify various Government Exams, Quantitative Aptitude Section is measured to be necessary as well as noteworthy section. Commonly speaking, students are scared of this section because it involves lot of complex questions with lengthy and time-consuming calculations.

Quantitative Aptitude Section includes a variety of topics and questions are asked from all of them. To meet the requirements of this section, applicants need to follow an ideal strategy to endeavor maximum questions, with accuracy in the definite time duration.

Perfect plan to study QA section

It is advisable to primarily focus more on four main topics and they are:

a. Simplification\Approximation:

The questions asked from this topic are simple and can be easily solved if one applies the right theory. It primarily involves various types of calculations. Consequently, it is prudent that one must master the speed of calculation to find right answers in predetermined time.

b. Number series:

The questions based on Number Series are assumed to be demanding as well as problematical as it involves scrutiny. To solve this section successfully there is a requirement of practicing them and mastering the procedure. It will facilitate you to get the best results and answers in a particular time.

c. Data interpretation:

The questions on Data Interpretation are mostly given on bar graphs or pie charts or tabular charts etc. At least five to three questions are asked from this topic. Thus, it is advisable to discover tables as it will assist to master the speed in calculations as some questions require tedious calculations. Do practice them systematically.

d. Quadratic equations\Inequalities:

The questions from the topic of Quadratic Equations\Inequalities are practically easier to solve as they can be solved by applying perceptions. Practice these questions carefully and it will be turn into an easier topic to master. In this topic, there are some scoring chapters such as Average, Percentages, and Profit and Loss, Interest, Ratio and Proportion. These chapters are generally based on formulas and can only be solved if you practice them correctly. Learn the formula first and then practice it. To solve them, accurateness is the key apprehension and so there is severe need to master these topics as they involves DI section questions also.

It is advisable to avoid selective study while preparing for the Quantitative Section because it will be a barrier to score high in it. It is a scoring section and one should master the speed and accuracy to get excellent score. To make calculations easier and speedy, learn tables up to 30 and tables of squares and cubes till 20.

After covering the entire syllabus, attempt one mock test daily and analyze your performance and ability. Be honest to yourself and try to perk up your knowledge to reach the ultimate goal.

Wishing you all success!!!

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