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How to Choose the Right Structure for Descriptive Essay

One of the most intricate and burdensome tasks college students have to deal with is essay writing.

By Keran MourningPublished 4 years ago 4 min read

This task requires them to devote their time, focus, and efforts to producing good papers hence guaranteeing them good grades. However, that is not the case when it comes to some types of essay assignments.

Nonetheless, before writing any paper, you need to know what essay it is as well as its purpose. This article seeks to discuss much on how to select the ideal structure for descriptive writing.

What is a descriptive essay?

First and foremost, ask yourself, “What is a descriptive essay?” As the name suggests, this is an article that describes a topic, for instance, an idea, a person, a place, or an event in detail while creating a picture in the mind of the audience by engrossing their senses. The primary objective of descriptive essays is to test your skills on how you express yourself and narrate your experiences. To perfect in it, you need to be a good narrator.

Typical essay structure

The essay structure of a descriptive essay is similar to that of any other essay. This encompasses:

An introduction. This is where you introduce the subject or object of your paper to the audience. You need to write it in a captivating and engaging manner to capture the attention of the readers and convince them to continue reading your work.

Body. This is where you explain in detail the subject or object of your article. You can use adverbs and adjectives to make your paper more engaging and interesting to read. Additionally, you can offer specific examples to enrich the description of your subject or object hence making it easier for the readers to comprehend.

Conclusion. This is the last bit of your paper where you provide your thoughts, opinions, and conclusion of your paper. And, this will depend on your imagination, writing style, as well as analytical skills.

Descriptive essay examples

As aforementioned, drafting a descriptive essay can be somehow difficult because you may not know what the paper requires. But, that should not inhibit you from finding out how. An efficient and convenient way through which you can learn how to write descriptive articles is by reading descriptive essay examples. You can order any kind of papers from professional and reliable writers from Essay Kitchen.

Create a statement

When writing your descriptive essay, you ought to develop a thesis statement. This is the statement which outlines the description of your topic. Additionally, it holds the main idea of your paper. So, you need to ensure it is top-notch so that you can come up with strong points to support it in the body of your essay and make your article perfect. If you cannot find a perfect thesis statement for your essay, ask for help from a professional and they will help you create one. Also, you need to note that having a thesis statement is one of the key steps of how to start an essay.

Get the senses right

Now that you have your thesis statement, you need to get the senses right. Figure out what the subject or object of your essay can engage the sensations of the audience. Whatever you will be describing in your paper ought to grab the attention of the audience and build an image in their minds by engaging their senses. And for them to want to read more of your paper, you need to make your paper as interesting and appealing as possible. So, figure out how what you will be describing can engage their minds.

Organize details carefully

Since you have all the information you require to write your article, do you need more tips on how to start off your essay? Use the details you have above and write your article. Ensure you follow the essay structure above when writing your paper so that you do not incorporate any irrelevant information. Also, ensure that you organize your details in a careful manner so that it has a smooth and systematic flow.

Make a clear conclusion

After writing your paper, write your conclusion. Ascertain that it is as articulate and coherent as possible. Utilize descriptive and enthralling vocabulary to make it sound more convincing. The audience should not be left hanging after reading the conclusion of your paper and wonder what next.

Use relevant language

Also, another important aspect you need to consider is the utilization of relevant language. Adverbs and adjectives may work best for you when describing the object or subject of your paper. However, you need to be vigilant about the choice of relevant phrases and vocabulary you use to describe your essay subject or object.

If you do not know how to choose the appropriate words, read the descriptive writing examples written by professionals from reliable companies.

In conclusion, writing a descriptive essay requires you to know what it is and what it entails. For it to stand out, you need to have the ideal structure for your article such as the one above.


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