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How’s Life in a Dorm Room?

by Syed Zain Ali Gardezi 6 months ago in college
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Detailing How University Experience and Dorm Life Impresses on Your Lifestyle

How’s Life in a Dorm Room?
Photo by Norbert Levajsics on Unsplash

Okay, I confess!

I am not writing this while sitting at my desk! So unprofessional of me right! It’s the weekend, and I wasn’t feeling like going out (it’s raining and I don’t like rainy weather), and nor I am interested in watching Netflix right now!

Let’s write something because I couldn’t go jogging, why not go on a mental jog instead and highlight the changes over three and a half years of studies have brought in my life!

Let’s go through them one by one here

Minimalism-You Don’t Need that Pillow

When I first came to the dorm, I packed my whole room to bring with me. From that pillow with a hand-knitted cover to the desk covers with my favourite cartoons on it. And now, as I look back, I realize that being accustomed to something doesn’t mean something is necessary! To progress is to approve a change in life, and to adapt. I like to keep things simple, practical and professional now! The gimmicks give you a character, but they come at a cost! The cost of not being able to do so much more than the character you’ve painted for yourself!

In essence, whether it is in the form of people or the material things around you, there isn’t a whole lot that is critical to be there for you to be where you wish to be. It primarily comes down to your immediate family and you’re some of your thick and thin friends! That’s all!

So? While networking is good and encouraged to grow professionally, in the personal life, don’t overburden yourself with friendships that don’t seem to be working too well, relationships that spew poison in your mental health. You are better, much better at a distance from them. I might sound like a roasted guy expressing anger right now, and that’s not the case TBH, I’m just a guy who finds himself more professionally oriented and likes to hang out with people he vibes with and keeps the stuff in his dorm that he needs!

Your Working Space Should Enable You

When I first came to my dorm room, it was painted grey!

The colour certainly looked nice and was done rather nicely as well! BUT! It left the room a bit too dark and with a Sleep Vibe if you can get what I mean. For the first two months, which were really exhausting as well, I found myself preferring to study at the library, in its brightly lit environment than at the dorm. But, once a visited a friend’s room for a group study session I which was painted bright white, it just made a drastic change, and that’s when I realized what needs to be changed, and since then it has guided my whole philosophy of work. YOUR SURROUNDINGS MATTER, A LOT!

And to expand my philosophy to include people, it would still apply, beautifully!

It’s not just that you should distance yourself from people who don’t motivate you, see potential in you and undermine you. At the same time, it’s important that you distance yourself from the unmotivated people as well, those who aren’t driven by passion, or those who discuss people instead of ideas or plans! Mentalities are contagious! Please liberate yourself from the company that’s not inspiring to bring about change.

Set Your Own Targets

Okay, This Is Important.

College, for most of us, is a career move instead of being an educational choice. You most likely already know what you are going to become, or at least what you want to become or what field of profession you are going to be in. On that note, it’s best and recommended that you start early. Start doing relevant gigs, workshops, and freelance works! Build that portfolio of yours!

Try to stand on your feet, make monetary objectives. Plan and save and invest in your career and future. Those of us who take these right steps at the right time are often the ones who can see themselves where they wanted to see themselves ten years ago!

Mom Isn’t Coming with a Glass of Milk

All right! This is an emotional one. One of the biggest realizations of living in a dorm Is that there isn’t watching your back anymore! Feeling sick? You gotta take your medications yourself. Not eating a healthy balanced diet, well you better make amends, nobody is gonna serve you or help you with that anymore. From regular chores to psychological worries, you have to take care of everything yourself now. And I guess that’s the part of growing up, that’s what prepares you to see the world, adapt and learn new things.

To all of you looking forward to a college experience, best of luck and enjoy, I’m sure it is gonna be hella fun.

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Syed Zain Ali Gardezi

A ridiculously motivated writer ambitioned by art, crypto and gardening. Busy enlghtening the world :)

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