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How do I use task mining in UiPath?

by Rukhsana Zubair 11 months ago in list · updated 8 months ago
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How do I use task mining in UiPath is always at the top of the discussion.

Different employee monitoring software is difficult to use. Thus, how do I use task mining in UiPath is always at the top of the discussion.

Task Mining through UiPath:

The UiPath Task Mining Tool is one of the automation discovery tools which is responsible for analyzing the working of employees. As they do it, identify patterns in how tasks are completed and identify jobs that could be automated. Thus, one can accomplish this by using Task Mining in conjunction with projects.

The UiPath Platform was designed to support the whole automation life cycle, which begins with the automation potential discovery phase, as displayed in the image below.

Working on "Task Mining Projects" in UiPath:

A task mining project is analyzed:

The desktop activity of particular users' group

Employees use an application or a group of programs while executing their tasks.

a predetermined number of users doing the process/tasks in a predetermined length of time

When should the "Task Mining Project" begin?

Let’s for instance, a human resources department where staff does routine responsibilities. In this situation, we might be able to automate some of the employees' tasks to allow them to focus on other enjoyable activities. We can now request that our automation team (Center of Excellence / IT) begin work on a Task Mining project.

Who are the main users of the "Task Mining Project"?

Task Mining is a project that is mostly used by the following users:

Admin that is in charge of setting up Task Mining projects.

User: The employee who can perform the task that will be examined using Task Mining is referred to as the user.

IT/Center of Excellence for Automation Lead: to determine which business lines, processes, and users will be involved in the Task Mining project.

Subject Matter Experts (SME) are users who have a lot of experience with the task at hand.

Business Analyst: Assist in finding process optimization opportunities and selecting the tasks with the greatest automation potential.

Finally automation Developers: They create the automation project for the tasks that have been chosen.

Identify the Important stages of the “Task Mining” Project in UiPath?

Figure: Different Phases of “Task Mining” Project in UiPath.

Step 1: Analyze the User Groups you've chosen.

Users that engage in comparable activities should be chosen (e.g.same role).

Choose user groups that use program modules (i.e. screens) that are visually distinct.

Take the time needed for planning once we've established the project's workflow and user groups.

Instruct the users to complete one task iteration at a time.

Instruct users to record for the specified amount of time regularly.

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Step 2: Gather Information

Now we will begin by establishing the project, after which the users can install Task Mining Tool on their PC and begin the recording process.

Step 3: Examining the Information

We must begin evaluating the data once it has been collected from a certain number of users for a specified length of time.

The machine learning (ML) Package is currently being used to examine the data.

Step 4: Visualize the Outcomes

The findings of the data analysis can be found under the "Discovery Results" tab.

Step 5: Exporting the Information

We can now export the results from the "Discovery Results" tab as a Process Definition Document or a process workflow skeleton (.XAML file) using UiPath Task Mining.

Step 6: Developing the Automation Solution

We've now discovered all of the tasks that can be automated. To begin developing the automation project, the automation developer can use either the PDD or the.XAML export reports.

What are the advantages of Task Mining?

Task mining will be extremely valuable to any business because as it allows the organizations:

To study how employees accomplish their jobs by recording a collection of applications over a long period.

To see the differences in how processes/tasks are carried out.

Identifying the possibility for automation in the processes/tasks performed.


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