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How "crazy" are the top mathematicians?

The abyss of mathematics

By EnsenadaPublished about a year ago 6 min read
Mathematical equations

Since childhood, if someone can learn mathematics and chemistry well, will be more people around the praise of good mind, after all, there is an old saying "learn mathematics and chemistry, go around the world are not afraid. People who have gone to college should have more feelings, especially those who have studied higher mathematics and mathematical analysis in college.

In the world of mathematics, the difference between people who can learn mathematics well and ordinary people's brain circuits is very big. Compared to mathematicians who can freely swim in the ocean of mathematics, we ordinary people are more like floating on the surface of the ocean without knowing the beauty of the depths. How different are the world's top mathematicians from ordinary people?

Newton's most famous theory is his discovery of the law of gravitation, which is one of the most important laws in the world of physics. Therefore, Newton is known as a physicist, but few people know that Newton was also a very good mathematician.

Newton was also a mathematician, as we know from the book "The Great Mathematician", a record of mathematicians, and lost his love for mathematics because of his obsession. Calculus, which most people studied in college, was developed by Newton.

Although calculus textbooks refer more often to Leibniz by name and even have formulas named after Leibniz, Newton also developed calculus on his merit. Their achievements in calculus and gravity were deduced by Newton in two years at home to escape the plague, which shows how high Newton's IQ was.

Archimedes is well known for his famous quote "Give me a fulcrum and a crowbar, and I can pry the whole earth". Although we know that the fulcrum and the crowbar cannot be found, after learning the principle of leverage, we know that Archimedes' famous quote can be realized if the necessary conditions are met.

Archimedes was not only accomplished in physics, but he was also very talented in mathematics, and the madness of mathematicians was reflected in him. According to legend, Archimedes was calculating a mathematical formula when an enemy soldier broke in and tried to kill him, and his first reaction was to beg the soldier to let him finish the mathematical formula first. Although we don't know the truth of this story, the reason why such a story can be spread also shows that Archimedes was very crazy about mathematics.

Euler showed full interest in mathematics from the beginning of his exposure to it. But because he devoted his whole body and mind to mathematics, and completely ignored his body to study mathematics madly, Euler lost the sight of his right eye when he was 28 years old. But he still did not give up studying mathematics, and even devoted more energy to supplementing his bad eye.

While he was still able to hold on to his own body when he was young, at the age of 64, because of his long exertion, Euler suddenly became very ill, and after this serious illness, Euler also lost sight of his left eye. During his life, Euler contributed many famous and practical formulas and theorems to the mathematical world, the most famous of which is Euler's formula, Euler's theorem, Euler's constant, etc. in calculus.

Euler's works "Principles of Differentiation" and "Principles of Integration" broadened the field of calculus and laid the foundation for the later emergence of differential geometry. Students who have studied calculus know that each field of calculus has its characteristics, and each field of calculus is very difficult to learn, let alone to study from scratch.

Mathematical equations

What is unimaginable is that Euler's works include all fields of calculus. Euler published 856 papers and 31 books in his life, and on average, he wrote more than 800 pages of papers every year, and almost every day he wrote three or four pages of papers, plus the time needed to think about writing papers, we can find that Euler contributed almost all of his daily time to mathematics.

Turning to mathematics books, we can see various formulas named after Euler, such as Euler's angle, Euler's equation, Euler's number, and so on. Euler's prolific life also shows the madness of mathematicians from another perspective.

The world is full of coincidences. When a famous person is about to fall, there is always another person who can replace him. A few years before Euler's death, Gauss came into the world.

Unlike the previous scientists who had a smooth path to study mathematics, Gauss's family was not well off when he was a child, and his father thought that studying mathematics would not earn him any money and that he would not be able to make a living in the future, so he was very much opposed to studying mathematics. But Gauss was very interested in mathematics, and even though his father was very opposed, Gauss had been thinking of ways to learn mathematics.

To learn mathematics as a child, Gauss once made a homemade oil lamp from a turnip. At night, after his parents went to bed, he ran to the attic to learn mathematics by the faint light of the turnip oil lamp. Later, a rich duke discovered Gauss's talent and sponsored him to study mathematics. After reading the works of his predecessors, Gauss gained a deeper understanding of mathematics and thought more deeply about it.

The importance of talent can also be seen in Gauss, who calculated in one hour the value of the comet's orbit which took Euler three days to calculate. The ancient Greek mathematician Euclid once asked a question: can a circle gauge and a ruler be used to draw a square 17-sided shape? This problem had not been solved for thousands of years, but Gauss succeeded in just one night.

This move shook the entire mathematical community, after all, Gauss was still an obscure boy. It can be said that without Gauss's persistence, the history of mankind would have been missing a very good mathematician. It is interesting to note that Gauss also opposed his children learning mathematics because he was afraid that his children would tarnish his title of "Prince of Mathematics".


Although most of the time what we learn and see is just a short formula, these seemingly short mathematical formulas are the result of many hours of reasoning and calculation by these mathematicians. Many mathematicians have spent their lives studying mathematics, and although many things cannot be achieved through hard work, more through talent, if these mathematicians only rely on talent and not hard work, then the soil of mathematics will be more barren now.

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