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How can we improve expressive ability in a short period of time?

by Derasom 4 months ago in courses
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Learn to speak effectively

1. Read aloud every day, at least 20 minutes is the best.

Regarding the content of the reading, you can read the important events at home and abroad in the morning of the People's Daily, or other news on the mobile phone, the American texts read at night or the works of famous artists, etc.

You can also take a book to read articles or books that are helpful for your professional ability improvement.

In short, treat reading aloud as something you must do every day when you sleep. After 30 days, you will find that your speech is clearer and your knowledge has increased.

The method is also suitable for practicing spoken foreign languages, Spanish or other languages. The key is to read every day, keep reading, and read more, listening to the original sound, imitating reading, and reading, and your pronunciation and expression will be greatly improved. promote.

2. Practice with the mirror to enhance self-confidence and expressive ability.

You can practice in front of the mirror for 10 minutes every day at work, and you can say some words of encouragement, such as this is a new day, I must work hard,

Or the approval of the leader, come on!

You can also say: "You work hard, you can do it, as long as you keep at it, you can get what you expect, come on!"

In this way, every day is full of positive energy, which can enhance your self-confidence. If you look at yourself in the mirror on WeChat, and praise yourself, you will feel good.

It can also be practiced after washing up, you can see your facial expressions and body language, and over time, you will become more and more confident.

3. Be sure to read a lot to accumulate, read related books or speeches

There are many good speech videos, such as speeches by the president of a well-known university at home and abroad, or videos during election campaigns. Some of them are very simple and touching, but they are also very profound. You can watch them all.

In addition, reading, you must read a lot. Reading can make your language more refined and richer. Every word and every word you say has the same meaning, but the connotation is different. If you don't have a certain amount of accumulation, you can only say one or two words pros and cons, which is very monotonous. You can't even express the point, because you don't know how to cover it.

When reading, you must not only read, but also have a direction to read in a targeted manner, and you are not required to memorize all the famous sayings and aphorisms, but if you read more, and then look at everything in the world, you will naturally have more corresponding words in your mind. The sentence, that is, the accumulation is reached, and the words naturally come out.

4. You can analyze yourself by taking a video for 2 minutes.

To practice expression, you can take a video, for example, take 2 minutes every day to record your daily sharing and what interesting things happened today. After recording, analyze yourself in the video, whether your expression is unnatural or stuttering when speaking, find out the problem in time and correct and adjust it.

Maybe he will accumulate a certain number of fans for himself, and natural expression will also be experienced.

5. Exercise your own thinking and form your own opinions.

Thinking is the activity of thinking, the content of thinking is thinking, and the popular saying of thinking is opinion.

In addition to reading more, you should also read more about the thinking of some professional figures, some celebrity interviews or roundtable topics, which can also help you open your mind. From the media, pay attention to thoughtful people, and read their opinions and recommended articles. Those articles and opinions will prompt you to think, open your mind, open up your vision, and open up your ability to express yourself.

6. Improve your speaking habits and speak as slowly as possible.

Don't be in a hurry, sort out what you want to say first and foremost. At the beginning, try to just state the facts, and add less personal opinions. When you get better, add opinions. At the same time, listen to what other people have to say.

In the process, you leave time to think, instead of opening your mouth and saying things that you regret or are meaningless.

I don’t know if you have an impression. When reporting work on some occasions, the leaders spoke very slowly, and the SCQA story model was used, with situations, conflicts, questions, and answers.

This is often referred to as the reporting method.

1 Define the theme

2 Conclusion first

3. Distinguish the host, concise and to the point

4 Provide written materials

Finally, I would like to say that whether it is within the system or outside the system, accurate, concise, and logically clear oral and written expression skills, rigorous, meticulous, and neat handling skills, and good communication, negotiation and handling skills are essential in the workplace. soft skill.

Especially the ability to express, be good at using the most concise language, explain complex things clearly, and express the various elements that make up things in a popular, clear, focused, and simple way. This is a constant need to practice. Basic skills, I hope you can continue to improve.


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