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How Bullying Affects the Economy

by All About Life about a month ago in bullying

Big Brands profit the most

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It's no secret bullying exists worldwide, whether it's in schools, the workplace, or between friends, it is a part of the world. But has anyone ever looked at its economic effect? Well, I did and that's what I will share with you today.

I am going to run some scenarios below to help you understand how bullying helps big brands profit more.

A group of people walk into school. They all pull out their phones to text etc. A bully(s) walks by and starts laughing at 3 of the kids who have iPhone 6s. Everyone else has an iPhone 10 or higher. They call the iPhone 6 kids broke and poor and make fun of them. The iPhone 6 kids go home thinking that to fit in and to not be made fun of they need to spend money and get a better iPhone. Then with their money or their parent's money they try and do what they can to buy a better iPhone.

Scenario 2, clothes. 10 kids walk into school. 3 out of the 10 kids are wearing cheap 10$ clothes from Walmart and the other 7 kids are wearing expensive H&M clothes. The only difference between the clothes is H&M is more of a brand and they charge more. The Walmart clothes kid gets made fun of for having cheap and garbage Walmart clothes. Those kids in the future don't want to shop at Walmart and want to shop at other big brands so they can “fit in” and not be made fun of. This boosts the sale of bigger brands.

In reality, if it ain't broke don't fix it. If your iPhone 6 works and does everything you want it to, why do you need the newest iPhone? If your Walmart clothes keep you just as warm as a supreme hoodie, why spend more money on the supreme hoodie?

So now you probably understand how bullying helps big brands profit more. The big brands market in a way that makes themselves appear better than other brands to increase sales. People buy big brand clothes. The people who buy big brand clothes then feel superior to others who don't have the “superior brand clothes” and they bully the people with regular brand clothes. The regular brand clothe people end up buying the “superior” brand clothes because they then feel better about themselves and aren't bullied.

Remember, just because someone says it, doesn't make it true, and when someone bullies you, they are doing it to make themselves feel better about themselves because they are insecure, and picking on people who aren't insecure makes them feel better.

The examples I gave above can be modified to any product and any place.

Not everyone who buys big brand items is a bully, when I say the people above, I mean the bullies in particular. If you can have nice things, that's A-okay, just no need to put others down.

In no way, shape or form am I making any claims against any brand mentioned throughout the article, the brands mentioned are strictly for example and entertainment purposes only. I am not claiming brands bully people. I am merely providing a perspective on how bullying works and in the process helps different brands.


Thanks for reading my article, I hoped you enjoyed reading it and found it insighful, if you did be sure to like the article and follow me as doing so helps me grow as a writer and share my work with new people.

Bonus, question for thought: Do you think bullying helps certain brands profit? Do you think bullying also has other side effects?


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