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by Sriyantha 2 months ago in student
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An intelligent child is virtuous. He will be a good citizen in future.


Rodney is a ten-year-old boy. He is the third child in the family and has two elder brothers and a younger sister. He is a gifted student at Grade seventh of his school.

Rodney, popularly known as a humble and honest child, gets up at four in the morning, reads his textbooks, and is eager to do his own thing. An obedient child who is highly praised by his parents and elders, he is often not punished at all. Working on time, he excels not only in learning but also in music, sports and other subjects, surpassing others.

The principal was also lauded for appointing him as a student leader for his outstanding performance. One day he was finishing school and sweeping his class with another girl. He saw a shiny piece of jewelry hanging in the corner of the teacher's chair. Slowly he got there carefully and looked around and took it and put it in his pocket. When Rodney saw this gold bracelet, he remembered his father's lost gold watch. When it was lost, Mom and Dad were deeply saddened and talked about it for days, remembering that they were tired of looking for it in so many places.

"We've lost a lot, it's a gift I received from our father, you could not take care of it," she said sadly. Mother was devastated and lost because it was a souvenir she had received from her father.

“What did you put in that pocket? The girl next door questioned. "I'll show you later," Rodney said, looking around. "Please show me," she pleaded, but he was a little impatient. She frowned and said, "I'm angry. You are my friend, but you do not trust us." "Please, Jane, go with me. I'll show you." Rodney quickly swept the door and ran to her.

"Jane, shall we meet the principal soon?" I have to give this to him”

"So what did you tell me to show the principal?"

“This bracelet belongs to the new teacher who came to our class. Isn't it beautiful?”

He pulled half of it out of his pocket and put it inside as soon as he showed it to Jane.

"Oh, it's so beautiful. Give it to me. I'd love to." "No ... no ..." He backed away. And how sad the owner is when he loses it. Let's go.”

“When I grow up, I will buy one like this. When I get a big job and get paid, I get all my favorite things” Jane continued.

" One day when I'm studying after doing a big job like my dad, I hope to buy a Lamborghini car, I'm going at 180 kilometers per hour. Broom… Broom… Croown ”

The two laughed and walked to the door of the principal's office.

"Sir, excuse me"

"Yes please, why both?"

"I wiped our class and found it on the chair, sir. I know this belongs to that new teacher. I saw her wearing this this morning." Rodney put the bracelet in his pocket on the principal's desk.

Rolling his spectacles slightly and frowning, the principal got up from his chair and examined the bracelet. “It weighs about four pounds. It will be around four and a half lakhs. ” He looked at the children with his lips parted and said, "Son Rodney, you have done a great job. Honestly, we will take care of this and hand it over to the teacher tomorrow. Teacher is very sad. It's a big loss, isn't it? Sin, we'll give him a surprise tomorrow. ” The principal took an envelope, put the bracelet on it, glued it to a cupboard and put the padlock. Let's give this tomorrow morning. Did you hear that? Hmm

"Okay sir, we'll go.

"Rodney, didn't you think to take the bracelet and run home?" Jane asked with a laugh, "Oh my God, my mother said never to lust after other's things, never to steal from others' things," Rodney said, throwing a rock on the ground along the road.

“But I felt lonely. I wish I had it.” Jane sighed and looked around. "Come on Jane, think about it. How much are your two earrings worth now?" He asked, extending both fingers toward her ears. "Oh, these are the two earrings my mom wore on my 9th Birthday. Said it was about half a pound. Mom told me to be careful. This too is worth about 60,000 rupees.” She said, rubbing the two earrings together with her hands.

"All right, you take those two for me." If you ask me, I will tell you that I have lost. ” Rodney said with a weird look on his face and narrowed his eyes. "Oh, if I lose this, I'm going to be in tears every day, and I'll be punished by my mother."

"You see, when you lose your things, you lose and grieve, don't you?" Then our teacher must feel the same way, isn't she sinful? "Yeah, Rodney, I understand now, I'm just a parable. The real story feels like thank you so much." She stepped forward and hugged him warmly. "I'm going home Boy Rodney", "Bye Jane"

Little Rodney felt a greater sense of relief than ever. Grandmother sat in her armchair looking at a newspaper, removed the mirror, and set the newspaper aside, "Good afternoon, my little son, why are you late today?" Rodney told her all the details. She took him in her arms and kissed his forehead and caressed him lovingly. “My son is such a good boy and we are so proud of you son. Someone like my son should one day be the President of our country. ” She wet her eyes with happy tears.

The next day a special meeting was held at the school. The principal said that today was a happy day for one of the teachers. The teachers looked at each other face to face. The children began to moan. Seeing that the teacher who had lost the bracelet was still in a state of disarray, the principal invited her to come forward and told Rodney to come forward as well. He handed the envelope to Rodney and asked him to give it to the teacher. She picked up the envelope the student had given her and looked at the principal. "Look at that envelope. What you get from a child in your class is an example of pride for the whole school," he said with a laugh. The teacher opened the envelope and hugged Rodney with great pleasure. Tears welled up in her eyes. Rodney had an indescribable feeling.

The joy and value of being a good child is so great that it cannot be summed up in a hundred thousand words.


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