Hold Up, Go Back a Second?

by Issy Smith 12 months ago in college

This is my first year at university...It's already flying by!

Hold Up, Go Back a Second?

So I'm ALREADY in my third week here at university and wow time has gone past me so quickly.

I currently study a combined honours course of Music and Psychology at Canterbury Christ Church University in England. I've never done psychology before in my life but I thought I'd give it a go and hey, every one secretly thinks they're a psychiatrist when it comes to your mates problems, right?

Anyway, I moved in to my accommodation on Saturday the 15th of September. It didn't take long, I didn't bring a lot of stuff! (don't bring all your clothes, books, brothers, sister, dog and the kitchen sink, it just wont all fit in your room!) Pack light. As everyone knows the first week at university is freshers. My freshers didn't consist of partying every night and getting drunk. I spent every night, in my room, watching Netflix tucked up in bed. Kinda lame? Yeah I know. but guess who still has money from their student loan (Yes... ME!). So anyway, I spent most of my first week in my room, chilling, eating... eating a lot. It amazing how much you can eat when you're bored! I did attend freshers fayre! Dominos gave out FREE pizza... Wilko gave out FREE goodie bags.. the Music Society was giving out FREE lollipops... you see where I'm going with this? The student life is ALL about Freebies... so take advantage whilst you can!

Onto the second week of university and well... I blinked and totally missed it. I had two Psychology lectures. One I'm not even sure they were speaking English in because I did not understand a word. Who knew people were either a Dandelion or and Orchard? The second lecture was sorta cool. The lecturer was on about Artificial intelligence and Cognitive Psychology which is the fun psychology. I have a question for you. In Positivism Psychology they say that "The sun has risen each morning, therefore the sun will rise tomorrow." Do you think that's true...? As well as these two lectures I had a music one too! This was ok, we spoke about different ways we practice our instruments and that was it for the whole two hours! Such an easy lecture.

And now we're here. Friday 5th of October 2018, the end of my third week at university and I can't believe it. This week has been a little tough. I went to my Monday music lecture as normal, it went all okay, nothing bad to report. I woke up Tuesday and headed off to my psychology lecture and the best lecture I’ve had so far at university. We learnt all sorts of cool stuff like the Marshmallow challenge. Have you heard of it? Below is a summary on it;

The marshmallow challenge consists of an adult and a child. The adult (known as ‘tester’) talks to the child and places a marshmallow on a plate in front of them. The tester then explains to the child that if they can wait 15 minutes, when they return they’ll give him/her another marshmallow so then they have two. This test wan ran on children ages 4-6 years old. The results of the first test showed that

  • 1/3 of the children waited
  • Only a minority ate the marshmallow immediately
  • The older the child the longer they waited
  • The most self-controlled children distracted themselves.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the scientific research anymore! One thing I did find interesting about this research method was that as well as the main reason for conducting this test, there was another one too. It suggested to us the children’s level of trust. Did they trust the tester to come back and give them another marshmallow?

Anyway, hump day came, and this was the best day of the week. I had a job interview for Student Ambassador, then I had an audition for the university choirs, followed by a general ‘anyone can join’ choir practice, and then the Music Society social night. Good news! I got the job, I managed to get in the Top Voices choir and I didn’t have a hangover after the social! Congratulations to me!

It wasn’t all happiness this week. It hit me a little that I didn’t have my friends or family around me to celebrate the good news, so I have been feeling a little lonely. Its normal to feel like you’re alone at university, especially when you live so far away from home like me (four hour drive!). I’m hoping the weekend will perk me up a little bit.

That’s all I can say so far. Keep following my posts for more information about uni life. Is there anything you want me to write about?

Have a good weekend.

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