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Guide to finding student accommodation in Rochester

Find Student Apartment in Rachester

By ava rosePublished 5 months ago 4 min read
Student Accommodation in Rochester

Rochester is located in the Kent area of Medway and it is home to the University for Creative Arts. This place is located within great reach of London; however, the student housing options are significantly less expensive which means that the students can benefit from being close to the capital without having to pay nearly as much on the living expenses.

Rochester is located within easy reach of the other Medway towns- Gillingham as well as Chatham which means that the students can look for accommodation options in three different areas and be close to the university to make early morning lectures once they roll out of bed. Selecting among the different housing options can be overwhelming. Some of the major factors which you can look at while selecting the student accommodation Rochester:

Rent: The first factor while searching for housing is the rent. Depending on the preference, the rent can easily range from $250 to $1000. The housing comparison tool can be used to compare different on-campus housing options available. Sadly, there is no such comparison for the off-campus student apartment Rochester. However, you can find different accommodations near the Rochester Institute of Technology. Those off-campus accommodations are added with different amenities making life quite easy for the students.

Commute: Rochester Institute of Technology offers the students free shuttles that run between different dwellings and this also connects the campus to different places like Walmart, Marketplace Mall, and so on. Some of the options such as The Hill as well as The Lodge also have their own shuttles. When selecting your housing, you can consider the time for commuting as it is an essential factor. The farther you stay from the campus, you can see a decrease in the rent. If you own a car, the off-campus option can be better since you do not have to depend on the shuttles while also paying less.

Amenities: Most of the housing options are fully furnished and different amenities are offered such as a bed, study table, sofas, refrigerator, and much more. here you can find fully furnished student houses Rochester, however, it can be on the higher end. If you want cheaper apartments and do not mind buying your own furniture. Other amenities that you can keep in mind are Wi-Fi, Electricity, Heat, and more.

There are three different kinds of accommodation

On-campus accommodation: If you go for on-campus accommodation, then it will be really easy to meet lots of new people. This will be close to your university. despite having less flexibility in selecting your exact room. This option is popular amongst the first-year students. On-campus student rooms Rochester is booked for one academic year.

Private residences: Private residences offer more flexibility with the dates. This will make it really easier to select your location as well as the type of room. These are not limited to the students, so it is possible that you will end up sharing the building with an amalgamation of students as well as professionals.

Purpose-built student accommodation: The PBSAs are large apartment complexes that are built particularly for students. these are known for having great facilities such as in-house gyms, games rooms, dedicated study spaces as well as typical common rooms. you will also have a lot of flexibility when it comes to selecting the type of room you want and the dates you will rent it for.

Factors to keep in mind while booking accommodation

Book as soon as possible. As soon as you get an offer, you can start your research about student accommodation. It is your duty to book a suitable accommodation. If you do not apply for university-owned accommodation, your university will assume that you have found or will find some of the best accommodation.

Take the help of social media: One of the top-notch places to find the best accommodation is through social media. Facebook is full of information about rooms as well as apartments. You can also get an idea of where you should stay and where you can avoid. You can also get feedback from the students who have lived in different parts of the town or accommodation which are based on their own experiences.

The budget: Before you start your search, it is important to look for a place within your budget. Look for something that is affordable as you need to pay monthly rent. Starting with others is generally the most cost-effective. If you can afford to pay more and if privacy is important to you, then a studio apartment is the best option. It is worth keeping in mind that it is likely that you might have to deposit one month’s rent.

Location: Location is one of the most essential things that you can consider when looking for student accommodation. Your new home will be your base but it is worth considering where you want that to be and how will you move around from there. For example, check if you will be close to the campus or not.


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