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Google Cloud Security Summit 2022

Google Workspace is on a goal to make the phishing and malware attacks go away. Google makes sure that its users are secure online that any other business.

By varunsnghPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Zero Trust, Secure S/w Supply Chain, Ransomware Emerging Threats as well as Cloud Governance Sovereignty. If you attend this summit you'll be among the first people to learn about new services and new capabilities being revealed through Google Cloud security and discover new ways of developing and implement your security strategy, and dealing with the most important issues.Are you seeking to learn about more about Google Cloud in-depth knowledge and hands-on expertise, like designing, development, and managing an effective secure, secure, and available cloud-based service for your company's requirements? it provides you with the foundation you need to prepare at exams like the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam Check out the Cloud Computing Certification.

Zero Trust Track Zero Trust Track

1. What exactly is it? Google helps customers to move towards zero trust.

Businesses across the globe have made a commitment to adopt an Zero Trust architecture, but getting there isn't always simple. Every day we get calls from customers who want to know how they can make an Zero Trust model like Google's and we're here to help. Attend this event to learn about the steps Google has achieved and how we can assist you by offering a array of products, advice services and solutions. In the event that you're "born on the cloud" or a government agency trying to be in compliance with federal regulations, or in between, Google Cloud products like BeyondCorp Enterprise and our suite of solutions offered by our partners, we can help to start with your Zero Trust approach.

2. A peek into the future. of BeyondCorp Enterprise

Google pioneered Zero Trust. We're now leading path to rapid Zero Trust transformation. We recognize that no single size fits all and that Zero Trust capabilities must be customized to meet your particular needs and not and vice versa. In this presentation, you will learn about the ways BeyondCorp Enterprise enables you to quickly and easily apply your Zero Trust approach to meet the requirements of your particular application and security requirements. Learn from product managers as they give regular updates on the latest BeyondCorp capabilities, partnerships integrations, as well as other features that allow users to achieve rapid results and avoid lengthy deployment plans.

3. CrowdStrike and Deloitte in managing Cloud migrations Remote Workforce, CrowdStrike, and threats of the future

Your company is moving towards cloud computing and you're an employee that is remote or hybrid. Your IT infrastructure is more dependent on various technology including partners, software, and devices. In addition to this risks are targeted by your company across all these areas, resulting in disruption in your business. What can you do to protect this new security environment without impacting the productivity of your employees? Participate in this Lightning Talk to find out more about the ways CrowdStrike as well as Deloitte have helped clients with solving issues similar to that.

4. Work safer using Google Workspace

Google Workspace is on a goal to make the phishing and malware attacks go away. Google makes sure that its users are secure online that any other business. According to our research, Gmail blocks more than 99.9% of malware and scams from reaching the users' inboxes. This is achieved by using our expertise and experience to guard against cyber-attacks on an extent that ensures that every customer is protected. This seminar will give you an overview of the way Google Workspace layered, AI secured by AI is integrated into Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive. We'll examine real-world examples of huge malware attacks to demonstrate the advanced capabilities like Sandboxing deep-learning-based malicious document classification, as well as robust deep antivirus protections are created to ward off threat.

5. The security of IoT devices that use Certificate Authority Service

The process of expanding security up to IoT devices isn't simple. As the IoT market expands and grow, strong security safeguards need to be put in place to guard the information IoT devices transmit to the cloud. This event will help you discover the ways Google users can profit from features such as Certificate Authority Service to apply Zero Trust principles to secure IoT devices.


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