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Good to Know Facts about Soccer Scholarship in USA

by George harley 2 months ago in college

Soccer scholarship in Usa

The universities in America get students from different parts of the world. In addition to a variety of courses available, it is also the athletic grants offered by the colleges that make them attractive centres for higher education.

While students from the UK – one of the top countries from where admissions in American colleges are sought – apply for all kinds of sports scholarships in USA, soccer is a popular game that gets huge attention. High school graduates from Britain and other parts of the United Kingdom have been increasingly applying for soccer scholarships that can cover up anywhere between 10% and 100% of their education expenses in the US.

How much of funding can you normally expect?

Your bursary amount depends upon several factors the chief of which are your individual game skills and your academic performance. In addition, all coaches have an assigned budget for the particular year.

With the support of an experienced recruitment agency, you can make the most of soccer scholarship opportunities in USA. It can help you find you a college that offers the course of your choice and values your athletic capabilities.

By participating in the assessments conducted by the agency and proving your skills to the coaches early for a season, you can get at least 50% of your costs covered by the grant.

Most partial scholarships also come with an incentive that if you perform well consistently, both in athletics and academics, then the coach may increase your scholarship amount later in the same session / semester.

In which season are soccer matches organised in the US?

Soccer is an autumn (fall) sport in the US and therefore most of the tournaments happen between September and November. It also depends upon how your team has progressed through different stages of a state / national level tournament.

Pre-season practices are organised in August and students get a month long Christmas break after the fall semester. When the colleges reopen after holidays, you may have some off-season matches or training sessions before summer.

Also remember that even though you get busy in multiple soccer games and practices, your college will expect you to stay in sync with your course, attend the required number of classes and maintain good grades.

How to get noticed by the coaches and know more about soccer scholarship opportunities in America?

Getting college coaches to watch you perform is not easy, especially if you are an overseas student. With small recruiting budgets, not all colleges can send their coaches to watch the games organised by schools in other countries.

That’s where recruitment agency comes to your rescue. They personally invite sports authorities from different institutions to watch live games and assessments. When this is not possible, a recruitment agency may leverage technology to telecast a match for the coaches to watch. The team at your recruitment agency will also help you to get connected with a coach who displays interest in your candidature. You can then share videos of games and other records that prove your skills and abilities.

Final word

Playing for your college and that too in a country that is not your homeland, is a matter of pride. And by grabbing soccer scholarship opportunities in America, can carve a unique identity in this field. If studying abroad is on your mind and you love to participate in sports, apply for your scholarship today through a recruitment agency.

Author Bio: Founded in 2011, Future Pro USA is a UK based organisation that helps young students achieve athletic and academic success in the United States. It focuses on finding the best scholarships for them enabling them to participate in their chosen sports while getting a university degree. To know more about Future Pro USA visit

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